The Number One Thing You Can Do is take some time to talk to someone new after service. It can be someone brand-spankin’-new for the first time, a person you’ve never seen around before, or a person you’ve seen but never met. Repeat their name when you talk to them, and if they are new, try to introduce them to another person while you are talking. If everyone did this, our membership could double.

Maybe we can’t clone you, for ethical reasons or whatever, but we don’t actually need to do that. You can help welcome the next ‘you’ who walks in the door. You can help bring that person into the door in the first place. You can be the third person who called them by name, making them feel seen and remembered. You can be the person who invites the next ‘you’ to a Circle Supper, or the Men’s Retreat, or a book group.

As our Interim Minister Reverend Diana reminds us, community is something we all treasure at WUUC. We say it and show it over and over and that’s been true for the 11 years I have been part of this community. Because it’s such a high priority for the congregation, community building is where much of our most meaningful work lies this year. And if you are reading this, you care about keeping this community viable and rich.

Take some time to talk to someone new after service every week and try to connect them to someone else. Team up with a friend if you like. Don’t know what to talk about? Talk about church!

Other ways to welcome people into community:

  • Wear your name badge
  • Share check ins and photos on Social Media (be sure to get permission from people you want to tag, parents, etc.) and be sure to tag WUUC
  • Sign up for the Sunday Morning Hospitality Team – Greeters, visitor desk, coffee and snacks
  • Volunteer for the Sunday Morning Service Team – Special Music, Choir, Ushers, Sound Board
  • Work on the Membership Team or the Social Media Team