At it’s meeting on March 11, the Board discussed WUUC’s voting process and closed versus open ballots.  As a closed ballot is required for all contested elections per WUUC bylaws, the vote for members of the Ministerial Search Committee will be held via a closed ballot.  The board further discussed the process of collecting nominations for the Search Committee, scheduling the congregational vote for the first four committee members, and the process for final selection of the remaining three committee members. 

The Board reviewed the remainder of the 2019-2020 WUUC budget timeline.  The Secretary will send the budget to the congregation via announce no later than May 5th followed by a Town Hall meeting to discuss the budget, date to be determined.  The final congregational vote on the budget is expected to be held on May 19th.

 The board approved installation of a suggestion box in the lobby outside the office.  At its second meeting of the month held on March 14t, the board voted to adopt for its own use a covenant that uses a nested design with three parts.  As board members we have multiple roles. Therefore, we’ve chosen to design our covenant in layers that correspond to our multiple roles:  first as congregation members, second as board members, and third as members of a team with Rev. Diana.  The Board and Rev. Diana then reviewed together their respective 6-month Interim Ministry Appraisals.