The Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (PNWUUYA) will host its annual Spring Con at First Unitarian Church in Portland, OR April 12-14, 2019.

Con is open to all people between the ages of 18-35 inclusive. Participants come together as a community and practice Unitarian Universalism together, with worship, small group discussions, workshops, and time to just be together. Con is drug- and alcohol-free. They will also elect a new board at this con.

Young Adult cons happen across the United States and Canada on a regular basis. Young Adult cons are important because they are often the main or only way a lot of UUs stay involved in this faith during their college years, and often provide life-long friendships. Prepare for a wonderful time.

According to Matthew Stidham and Dylan Horkin, PNWUUYA Chair and Con Coordinator, respectively, “We strive to be accepting of all people, have many LGBT members in our community, and work hard to be as accommodating as possible to people with disabilities.

“Our theme for our upcoming con is Home, and what that means, especially in a country with a large unhoused population.”

PNWUUYA hosts 2-3 YA cons per year at various churches in Washington and Oregon. The cons are planned for 18-35 year olds, by 18-35 year olds, with the gracious support of churches in the district who host them. In the future, the organization is also planning chaplaincy training events.

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