As you may have heard, my job at WUUC is changing. There has been some confusion about what happened, and I wanted to take a moment to clarify what is changing and why.

In January, I was hired as Director of Lifelong Learning, the person responsible for faith formation programs for children, youth and adults. The job description was written as a full time (40 hours per week) position. However, I was hired for ¾ time (30 hours per week). In order to allow me to complete all of the duties outlined in my job description, it was agreed that we would hire an RE assistant who would work with me for 10 hours per week. Unfortunately, in the recently passed budget for next year, there is no funding for the RE assistant position.

Therefore, we had to make some changes to my job description so that the responsibilities lined up with the number of hours I work.  Rev. Diana, the Board of Trustees, and I have agreed that it makes the most sense to remove the adult faith formation piece of my responsibilities. This will allow me to focus my time on the children and youth RE programs. I will offer an annual workshop for the leaders and facilitators of Adult RE classes and small groups at WUUC. However, that will be the extent of my involvement in the Adult RE programs going forward.

This adjustment to my position also results in a title change. Since Director of Lifelong Learning (DLL) is no longer an accurate title for the work that I will be doing, it is being changed to Director of Religious Education (DRE). This is the title most commonly used by UU religious educators who focus on faith formation programs for children and youth.

While I am a bit disappointed not to be working on adult faith formation next year, I am very excited for the programs we have planned for WUUC’s children and youth!  

This summer’s program for the elementary aged children is called “Getting to Know WUUC.”  Leaders from many of WUUC’s teams, committees and groups have already volunteered to get together with the children, explain what they do at WUUC and why it is important to our community. The children will then engage in games and activities connected to the presentation.  The junior and senior youth will also gather together a few times this summer for some fun fellowship and social justice activities.