The new Climate Justice Ministry of WUUC’s Advocates for Social Justice (ASJ) is starting up a series of newsletter articles on actionable ideas to reduce our individual and collective global warming impacts. “Notes 4 Earth” will briefly discuss each month a specific change you could undertake that would make at least a small contribution to reducing global warming. We know that individual action is not a substitute for advocacy for systemic change to reduce global warming, rather the two are complements — as Rev. Diana and Bridget have pointed out — they are the two feet of walking the talk. 

We are also looking for contributions to Notes 4 Earth, so if you have come across a good idea or you already are using an effective technique, please send it along to John Hilke via   We are especially looking for ideas that also advance other social justice issues.

John Hilke for the WUUC ASJ Climate Justice Ministry; Wendy Condrat, Chair