The June theme for worship, RE, and small groups at WUUC is Beauty.

Our monthly themes and resource materials come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations. See the link to this month’s materials at the bottom of this article.

The Greek word for the beautiful is kalon, “which is related to the word kalein, which includes the notion of ‘call.’ Suggesting that there is something about beauty, wherever we find it, that tugs at us, pulls at us, drawing us into the divine.”

Beautiful things are not just objects to be appreciated and adored. They are not pretty things we purchase and possess. They possess us. They are containers for pieces and parts of ourselves. We don’t just observe them; we pour ourselves into them. They don’t just sit there; they open themselves up and invite us to spill our longings, memories, hopes and hurts into their care. When we observe them, we observe and re-member ourselves. 

What if beauty isn’t something we encounter but something we become?

Come into this heart and break into the boundlessness of wild beauty, no beginning or ending in you, but flowing through like whitewater, reaching toward all that ever was and ever shall be…          — Susan Maginn

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