At the May 17h meeting, the Board discussed delegate selection for General Assembly/PNWD.  Jessica Belmont, Karen McKenzie, David Simons, Aggie Sweeney will represent WUUC at GA.  John Hilke, DD Hilke, and Jessica Belmont will represent WUUC at PNWD.

Bridget and the RE committee propose revising the DLL job description to exclude oversight of adult RE due to the reduction in work hours resulting from budgetary restrictions. Adult RE would be moved to the REALL committee.  Bridget also proposed a title change for the position from Director of Life Long Learning to Director of Religious Education.  The Board agreed that the proposed changes are appropriate.

REALL is developing a covenant between the DLL and the congregation.  The covenant is still under review and the final draft will be announced in the June 9h service.

The Board discussed recruitment for the two Ministry Council Lead positions that will open up at the end of this church year.  John, Jane, David, and Rev. D will search for candidates, contact those candidates regarding interest and availability, and then propose the final candidates to the Board.

The Board will work in the next two weeks to contribute to Rev. D’s evaluation for Preliminary Fellowship Renewal, which is coming up shortly.  The Board’s review will draw from personal observations, Rev. D’s ministerial reports, and Rev. D’s self-evaluation.

Rev. D asked for the Board’s support of “appreciative inquiry” as a follow-up to the congregation’s heritage work.  Sessions for the congregation to engage in “appreciative inquiry” will be offered in June. Rev. D will draft a plan to follow through on this process. The Board also discussed the newly developing application process for worship associate positions. 

Work is being done to draft a strategy to “Build a Culture of Hospitality at WUUC.”  Rev. D gave a brief summary of the vision for a “Connections Team” to include UUber Greeters who shepherd newcomers into the congregation. In early fall 2019, Rev. D will consult with the Board about recommended processes to take the place of the current Inquirers series of classes.

Commissioning of the Search Committee will occur on June 16t

This month’s developmental meeting to be held on May 31s will be used for a general review of WUUC governing documents with a particular focus on

a) Minister / Board / Congregational relations,

b) how well we comply with our governing documents, and

c) prioritizing future work on policy revisions and development.