The work of WUUC’s Search committee has now begun.  

In May, the congregation selected seven members of the congregation – Jessica Belmont, Jack Brand, Lori McConnell, Leslie Morton, Emma Rockenbeck, Kermit Sprang, and Aggie Sweeney – to focus their volunteer efforts at WUUC on finding our new settled minister.

When our past settled minister, Rev. Lois Van Leer, left to become a developmental minister at the Eugene, Ore, congregation in June 2018, we entered a Ministerial Interim Period for two years.  Since that time our Interim Minister, Rev. Diana Smith, has led us as we processed those changes and shared our understanding with each other to build a stronger congregation. 

On Friday, Aug. 17 and Saturday, Aug. 18, the Search Committee will meet at the home of Kermit and Marcia Sprang in south Everett for a retreat where we will begin the work of selecting our new settled minister.  The UUA encourages us to use a known process, and all search committee members will have read the UUA’s Ministerial Search Handbook. The retreat will be facilitated by Rev. Duane Fickeisen, a Regional Transition Coach from the Pacific Western Region of the UUA, who will continue working with the committee until our new minister is identified and brought into ministry with us.

This fall WUUCies will have multiple opportunities to contribute to the search process through an online survey, cottage meetings, and a workshop called Beyond Categorical Thinking.  Be sure to look for updates in the weeks ahead!