Will you help?

I have reserved the date of Sunday, Aug. 25 for the next meal for Camp Unity Eastside (CUE)! 

Look for more information about meals a few weeks before the date on the wuuc@wuuc.org list.

OPPORTUNITY: If there are groups (Youth, committees, classes, 2 or more families, a group of friends, etc.) who might be interested in sponsoring a meal, please let me know.  You can help choose the date and menu if you like (I can help). A chance for everyone to LIVE our UU values.

A few things to mention:

  1. If you sign up on the form online, please be sure to include your phone and email in at least one line – it makes it easier for me to contact you.
  2. If you bring donations of food or other things before the date, please be certain to label all clearly with “CUE meal on date” so people know not to use them.  Small labels with a tape dispenser hang in a baggie on the black fridge. Perishable items should go in the fridge (labeled well) & other things go in the box by the back door.
  3. If you bring donations in a dish you would like returned, please place masking tape with your name on each piece you want returned and let me know.
  4. If you bring donations directly to the CUE site before the set up crew arrives around 5:30, please email or text me so I know to look for them!

Lauren Solida, lsoliday@wuuc.com