At its latest meeting, John Hilke was elected to fill the role of President for 2019-2020.  Dottie Simpson will remain Treasurer. David Simons will assist Dottie this year and assume the Treasurer role the following year. Jane Mathewson will remain Vice-President and Terry Santmann will remain Secretary.  The Board confirmed Cora and David Goss-Grubbs as Transformation and Action Ministry Co-leads.

The Board will finalize bylaw change proposals at its Sept. 18 meeting and then present the proposals to the congregation for review. Rachael Eddy proposed, and the Board accepted, a further revision to the draft proposals that would require that a town hall discussion be held prior to a final vote on any issue with the tally of votes shared with the congregation. If the vote is for an individual person, no tally of votes will be published. The Town Hall Meeting to discuss the bylaw change proposals will be held Sunday, Sept. 29h

The Board further discussed the idea of policy governance, WUUC’s experience with this model, and some experiences with this model in other congregations.  The general sentiment of the Board was not in favor of applying policy governance in our congregation. 

The Board discussed appointment of a chair for Ministries Council. David will request the input of previous ministry leads prior to the final decision.

The Board will review the model UU minister agreement vis-à-vis the Board’s thinking regarding church governance and share the same with the Transition Team.  Church policies will be revised later to align with the final agreement reached with our potential new minister.

The Board will further consider its policy regarding executive sessions at the Sept. 4h meeting.

The Board will review the final proposed changes to the financial policies recommendations of the Finance Committee and vote on the same next month.   

John discussed the idea of holding topical forums before Sunday service and focusing services more consistently on spiritual development, community building, and compassion.  This discussion was based on his conversation with the UUA President at the recent General Assembly in Spokane. 

Find the most recent minutes from the June 11 meeting here.