Celebrate Bisexuality Day was established by Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur in 1999 to raise awareness of the challenges faced by bisexuals all over the world.

“Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility,” observed Wilbur. “The bisexual community also has grown in strength but in many ways are invisible.”

Inspired by Freddy Mercury of Queen, they decided that his birthday — Sept. 23 — would be the perfect day to establish Celebrate Bisexuality Day. This served two purposes, the first being to establish a day that was dedicated to raising awareness of bisexuals everywhere, the second being to help reduce the prejudice faced by bisexuals and work to legitimize it as a sexual orientation. Since then it has been celebrated every year with teach-ins, poetry reading, parties, picnics, and festivals.

How to Celebrate Bisexuality Day

The best way to observe Celebrate Bisexuality Day is to recognize that bisexuality is real and can be either a long-term or transitional identity. It seems simple on the surface, but the complexities involved with living Bisexual are perhaps more involved than many people imagine. If you have friends or family members who are bi, you might consider respectfully asking them about their experience. Celebrate Bisexuality Day is your chance to broaden your mind and learn a little bit about the struggles others face.

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