As we approach the start of the church and school year, I feel the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings. Autumn always feels fresh and new to me, with the expectation of new and wonderful adventures. This year, I am hoping you will all join me on an adventure of family faith development and community building.

Research has shown that religious education classes offered at church are just a small part of a child’s faith development. If the ideas and values taught on Sunday morning aren’t reinforced at home and reflected back to children by the members of their church community, the lessons don’t have much impact. So, if we want to raise children who embody Unitarian Universalist values and who grow into Unitarian Universalist adults, it is vital that we all get involved in the lives of our children and youth.

For parents/guardians of our children and youth: I know that our overscheduled lives are difficult to manage and the idea of adding in anything extra is daunting.  However, I encourage you to consider regular church attendance and incorporating faith development into your everyday family life. I will be providing you with activities, conversation starters, bedtime stories and more. My hope is that you can incorporate these things into regular family life without too much difficulty. 

For those without children or youth at WUUC: It truly does take a village to raise faith-filled children. I encourage you to make an effort to get to know the names and interests of the children and youth in our community. Talk with them during coffee hour. Smile at them during worship services. Make friends. I will also be reaching out to you over the course of the year with requests to support the Religious Education program and our Family Faith Development. I hope you will be open to volunteering your time and talents to strengthen our community bonds and care for the future of our church.

I am excited to learn and grow with all of you this year! If you have any questions, ideas or comments, I would love to hear them.