Wet and cold weather are on the way.  Please consider helping provide a hot meal for folks who aren’t as fortunate as most of us – your time shopping and/or cooking, your friendliness serving the meal and/or your financial generosity to purchase food and supplies would be most appreciated.

I have reserved these dates for WUUC to provide meals to the homeless this fall: Sunday, Sept. 22; Saturday, Oct. 26; Saturday, Nov. 23 and Sunday, Dec. 29 – at Camp Unity Eastside (CUE)! 

CUE will move to Bear Creek United Methodist Church, 16530 Avondale Road, Woodinville on Sept. 13 and 14.  More information on menu and needs for each meal will be sent on Announce and the general WUUC lists as the time draws nearer. 

OPPORTUNITY:  If there are groups (Youth, committees, classes, 2 or more families, a group of friends, etc. – you get the idea?) who might be interested in sponsoring a meal, please let me know.  You can help choose the date and menu if you like (I can help). You can gather to cook together and then spend an hour & half serving to these folks.  A chance for everyone to LIVE our UU values.

A few things to mention:

  1. When you sign up on the form online, please be sure to include your phone and email in at least one line – it makes it easier for me to contact you if I need to.
  2. If you bring donations of food or other things to leave at WUUC, please be certain to label all clearly with “CUE meal” – a full sheet of label stickers are now hanging on the fridge on the left side.  Small labels with a tape dispenser in a baggie are hanging on the black fridge; please feel free to use those also!  Perishable items should go in the fridge (labeled well) & other things go in the box by the back door.  Let’s not clutter up the counters in the kitchen with donations!
  3. If you bring donations in a dish you would like returned, please label with your name on each piece you want returned, and please let me know you want it back.
  4. If you bring donations directly to the CUE site before the setup crew arrives around 5:30 p.m., please email or text me so I know they are delivered and to look for them!

Any questions, please just let me know!  And THANKS as always for your caring and generosity.

Lauren Soliday, lsoliday@wuuc.org