A limited number of seats are still available for the new evening Soul Matters group, which will meet once a month on the second Wednesday from 7-9 p.m., starting Sept. 11. This group will be facilitated by Jan Anderson. A description of the group format is given below. 

A limited number of seats are also available to those interested in joining the ongoing Soul Matters group which meets the first and third Friday morning of each month 10 a.m. to noon starting on Sept. 6. 

Please email Terry Santmann at tasantmann@gmail.com with questions or to sign up for either group.

“Soul Matters” is a small group gathering where participants offer sacred space to each other to experience the themes of each month on the UU calendar. We nurture our spiritual connection to life, others and ourselves by listening deeply to each other, to our lives and the world, and to our deepest selves. We form a circle of trust where we “speak our own truth; we listen receptively to the truth of others; we ask each other honest, open questions instead of giving counsel; and we offer each other the healing and empowering gifts of silence and laughter… Our purpose is not to teach anyone anything but to give the inner teacher a chance to teach us.” – Parker Palmer

 Soul Matters offers the gift of spiritual connection and supports our journey of reconnection to life, others, and our selves.  We do that by listening.  Fundamentally, that’s what Soul Matters is: an invitation to listen deeply and intentionally, in three distinct ways.   

         ·   Hold still – the practice of offering space. This means responding to people’s sharing with silence rather than words. We each take a turn sharing before any group discussion or reactions occur.

·   Hold at bay – the practice of offering presence. This means offering presence rather than advice.

·   Hold out and hold up – the practice of offering gratitude and noting meaningful connections. This is about what we say when we do talk and react to each other’s sharing. After a round of sitting in silence and listening to each group member share, we then open the gathering to a time of sharing reactions. But instead of responding to each other with “fixing, advising or saving,” we hold out gratitude for one thing that struck us in particular as we listened and hold up how it connected to our lives and helped us clarify something about our own situation. We listen for sharing that connects with us personally. We don’t just “sit quietly” while others are talking; we actively listen for those precious moments when another’s story or experience takes us more deeply into our own. 

The 2019-2020 monthly themes begin with Expectation, Belonging, Attention, and Awe. More info can be found here: https://www.soulmatterssharingcircle.com/