The school year is starting and so is our Totes to Go program. Our first deliveries of the year take place in the first week of September. Many thanks go to all the WUUCies who have donated food items in this first round. We know that hungry kids can’t learn well and we are helping to make sure these students have food for weekends.

Totes to Go operates all through the school year. Some of us make a practice of picking up something for Totes to Go each time we do our regular grocery shopping. You can place food items in the baskets across from the nursery at any time during the month. Our next deadline will be Wednesday, Sept. 25 with a pack date of Sunday, Sept. 29.

We furnish the following items for kids to take home on weekends: shelf-stable milk, cereal packets or serving-sized boxes, peanut butter, canned meat, snacks, fruit cups, juice, crackers, one-dish meals and granola bars.  A quick look at the baskets will tell you what is most needed.  Thanks so much!