WUUC has been suffering with 20th century internet while the world has moved on to 100s of Megabytes. Your Board has a proposal to fix this. The Board would also like to upgrade our media capabilities. Of course, all this will cost money!
The Pacific Northwest District has a program called Chalice Lighters which offers grants to UU Congregations in our District. We would like to apply for one of those grants to help us meet those costs. WUUC meets all their requirements except one. We need 30% of our members to participate in the Chalice Lighters program. That means we need 54 Chalice Lighters from WUUC and currently we only have 25. Will you help us meet the 30% level?
Being a Chalice Lighter means pledging at least $20 three times a year. Chalice Lighters pools this money to support projects in UU congregations across the Pacific Northwest District. Their expectation is that Chalice Lighters will continue for at least three years, so that we are also helping Congregations beyond our own. To become a Chalice Lighter go to https://pnwduua.org/programs-resources/chalice-lighters/ or contact me for help.

Yours in community,
David Simons