During the holiday season, we often ask how we can brighten the lives of those less fortunate. When thinking of your contribution for WUUC’s ongoing food drive for Maltby Food Bank this season, please remember that, in addition to seasonal specialty items, basic foods and hygiene staples are always needed. Here are ongoing donations needs that sometimes get forgotten during the holiday season.

Cereals, condiments like mayonnaise, salsa and relish, Jam (to go with the frequent donations of peanut butter), canned meats/fish, ready to eat canned foods (soups, Spaghetti-O’s etc.), canned fruits and veggies, salad dressing, seasoning packets (taco seasoning, gravy etc), individual packets for lunch boxes, shampoo & conditioner, soaps, lotions, shaving supplies, toothpaste and brushes, larger sized children’s diapers.

Whenever you notice an item on your personal shopping list that is on special with a Buy One, Get One Free or half-priced, pick up an extra for donation. Or if you see a great special, pick up some for the Food Bank.

Thank you for your generosity!