Qwarx Space Pub and Auction House needs staff for the Auction on Saturday, Nov 9.

Initial set-up begins on Sunday, Nov. 2 after the service. Get a first-hand peak at Qwarx Auction House and make yourself useful by schlepping tables and chairs around.

If you’d like to help, let Mary Beck know at mbeck@wuuc.org and I’ll get you signed up.

(Not a Google Doc – that’s so many-millennials ago. At Qwarx we do it the way of the future – by direct email or in person on Sundays.)

And of course we need EVERYONE to help clean up!

The jobs don’t pay well, but you’ll have a really good time, and that’s what Qwarx Auction House is all about.

Thanks for helping!

On behalf of the Auction Team
Mary Beck
Qwarx Auction Dame