If you start your Amazon.com shopping by clicking this Amazon link, WUUC will get 4-7% of what you spend, depending on the category of merchandise and how much you spend during the month. Once you click the link, you will be able to shop just as if you’d entered Amazon.com directly.

Amazon.com will automatically calculate how much money to send to WUUC. You won’t get feedback on how much money is going to WUUC from your purchase, and WUUC won’t get any information about how much you spent or what you purchased–or whether you shopped at all.

Please note that if you leave Amazon.com and then re-enter it, you need to re-enter from WUUC’s web site or the connection will be lost. Also, if you don’t complete your purchases within 24 hours, the connection will be lost.

If you are using Firefox and your ad blocker prevents the Amazon link from showing, you can click on this link. Be sure and add it to your favorites so you can easily access Amazon in the future.

For questions, contact Barbara Brachtl at bbrachtl@wuuc.org.