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New Choir Director Brings Excellent Vocal Skills


Molly Tomlinson will become the new WUUC choir director, beginning Aug. 15. WUUC Accompanist Terry Levitt first met Molly when she auditioned for choir director last year. “Both she and Jen (Rodgers, former choir director) had great references,” Terry said. “(Molly’s) extremely personable for one thing. One of the references said, ‘Everybody loves Molly.’” The […]

Ingathering Potluck


Please join us for a Potluck on Sept. 9 after the Ingathering Service to celebrate the new church year and welcome Rev. Diana. A-L Main Dishes M-S Sides T-Z Desserts. Your Ministerial Transition Team: Alaine Davis, Chick Sweeney, Cora Goss-Grubs, Leslie Morton, Robin Heffelman and Chuck Bean  

WUUC Choir Retreat


We’ll start the new choir year with a retreat on Saturday, Aug. 19.  If you’ve been thinking about singing with the choir, this is a great way to get started! If you’re a regular, we want to see your summer suntan! If you’re returning, expect a warm welcome! Our new director, Molly Tomlinson will lead […]

Fall Book Group


Consider joining a group that will read Ijeoma Oluo’s “So You Want to Talk About Race.” Oluo is a Seattle-ite and her book has become a best seller.  She was profiled in a recent issue of Real Change. The book is meant to help people who want to talk about issues of race in America […]

In the Chips


A Building & Grounds crew assembled alongside a chipper Saturday, July 14 to turn cuttings from trees and brush into wood chips. They include (from left): Chick Sweeney, Tom Richards, Winny Schnitzler, Kermit Sprang, John Hilke & Robert Galloway. David Simons is behind the camera.

WUUC: A Long-Range Perspective


Many members of our congregation have only belonged to one church, WUUC, and have only known one minister, Rev. Lois Van Leer. For those members, this must feel like a time of great uncertainty. This situation is further complicated by questions about the circumstances of the departures of both Rev. Lois and our Director of […]