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Chalice Lighters Needed


WUUC has been suffering with 20th century internet while the world has moved on to 100s of Megabytes. Your Board has a proposal to fix this. The Board would also like to upgrade our media capabilities. Of course, all this will cost money! The Pacific Northwest District has a program called Chalice Lighters which offers […]

Join us for Lunch!


Starting in October, a Second Sunday Lunch Bunch will meet after service at a local restaurant to continue the conversations we began during coffee hour. All are welcome! Our inaugural lunch bunch will occur at 11:45 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Plaza Santa Fe, 17301 140th Ave NE, Woodinville. Please let Marlene Katz know […]

LGBT History Month


From the WUUC Welcoming CommitteeFirst celebrated in 1994, this is an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history as well as the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. This month provides role models, builds community and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBT community. […]

What’s the Board Up To?


At its August meeting, the Board identified its priorities for the church year as listed below.  Governance discernment and action Financial stabilization and resumption of growth Pursue discernment associated with the community conversation regarding sharing our truths, caring for each other (and ourselves), and navigating the unanticipated vulnerabilities or harm that our words and shared […]

Theme: Belonging


From the WUUC Worship Team The October 2019 theme for worship, RE, and small groups at WUUC is: What Does It Mean to be a People of BELONGING?  Our monthly themes and resource materials come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations.  A small sample of thoughts about belonging from Soul […]

Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop Nov. 16!

by Lori McConnell

THINK OF A MINISTER. DON’T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT. Chances are, you thought of both. And distinct images perhaps came to mind. In terms of a minister, what images came to mind? Was it a person of a particular gender, race, or age? Beyond Categorical Thinking is a workshop that comes highly recommended from the […]