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Family Faith Development and Community Building

by Bridget Laflin

As we approach the start of the church and school year, I feel the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings. Autumn always feels fresh and new to me, with the expectation of new and wonderful adventures. This year, I am hoping you will all join me on an adventure of family faith development and community […]

Family Faith Development

by Bridget Laflin

The RE Committee and I have been busy planning for the upcoming church year, and I am incredibly excited about what we have in store for WUUC!  Our primary focus this year will be on family ministry.  Studies have shown that the most important factor in determining whether or not grown children remain in church […]

Getting to Know WUUC!

by Bridget Laflin

This summer’s RE Program for grades 1-8 is called “Getting to Know WUUC.”  Each Sunday, the children will meet with a leader from one of WUUC’s many teams, committees or groups and learn about how our church works and about the outreach we do in the community.  Our first class this summer focused on the […]

From DLL to DRE

by Bridget Laflin

As you may have heard, my job at WUUC is changing. There has been some confusion about what happened, and I wanted to take a moment to clarify what is changing and why. In January, I was hired as Director of Lifelong Learning, the person responsible for faith formation programs for children, youth and adults. […]

It Takes a (Church) Village …

by Bridget Laflin

The Soul Matters theme for the month of May is “What does it mean to be a people of curiosity?” I invite you to take some time to be curious about the Religious Education program for Children and Youth at WUUC. We are developing our plans for this summer’s program and next year’s classes and […]

What Are Your Passions?

by Bridget Laflin

As March winds down and April approaches, I have been thinking about the March and April “Soul Matters” themes of Journey and Wholeness.  As I listen to your stories and look at the timeline project on the wall of the sanctuary, I learn more and more about what WUUC’s journey has been.  And in talking […]