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Spiritual Practices Help Us Embody Our Values

by Rev. Jaelynn Scott

We Wookies (WUUC community) have shown in practice and reflection that we place a high value on contemplative practice. We are a Unitarian Universalist community in our openness and acceptance of a variety of contemplative modalities and practices. We see the value of contemplative practice reflected in our committee agendas to our programs, from our […]

Transformation: Where to Find Spiritual Tools

by Rev. Jaelynn Scott

Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting. – Judith Minty I believe as we age we gain a better understanding of life’s purpose and meaning. For me, life’s meaning is far too nebulous to awkwardly attempt to put into words. In our 4th […]

Soulful Exploration for All (That means you!)

by Rev. Jaelynn Scott

Make sure to check out our website often for updates to our program at wuuc.org/programs The REALL (Religious Education and Lifelong Learning) team and I are contemplating how we might incorporate commitments made in the resolution for the support of Black lives, approved by the congregation recently, into our programming. I believe that as well […]

Presence: A Way of Recognizing Inherent Worth & Dignity

by Rev. Jaelynn Scott

Greetings from Lifelong Learning and WUUC This month our congregation will explore the Soul Matters theme Presence. As a contemplative, this is one of my favorite topics. In the Buddhist context, presence speaks to our ability to hold attention to our state of mind in every moment. This attention was the hallmark of the historical […]

In Religious Education, Justice Consciousness Begins with Stories

by Rev. Jaelynn Scott

Can you believe that it is already November? The many colors of Fall warmly envelop our senses and Thanksgiving is soon approaching. It has been a wonderful few months in Soulful Exploration at WUUC. We have experienced many great chapels and workshop rotations in our Spirit Jam K-5 group. The Jr. Youth learned about our […]