There are many ways you can get to know our community and get involved in WUUC in addition to attending a Sunday service.  Attend a program, visit a committee, sign up to bring treats, try being an usher…share your time and talent and get to know more people in the process.


Feel free to reach out to our member coordinator at for help connecting with the right people to get plugged in to a place you find fulfilling.

Community thru Service

From our minister…

I ask folks new to WUUC two questions:

  • What are you looking for in a religious community?
  • What do you have to give to a religious community?

Churches are about relationships and connections: to one’s self, to others, and to that which each of us holds as being of ultimate worth, value, or meaning. Relationships are not one way streets- at least not healthy ones. Healthy relationships and communities are about mutuality, about receiving and giving.

At WUUC, we hold one another in times of sorrow and grief as well as celebration and joy. We accompany one another on our life and religious journeys. And yet, there is also the fact that someone (or a group of someone’s) has to do “the work” of being a church. Someone has to track the finances, pay the bills, do repairs, organize worship, teach our children, decide policies and procedures, plan community building events, put together the newsletter, and… the list goes on.

We realize that no one comes to church just to be on a committee. But there are so many other ways to become a part of and contribute to life at WUUC. This year we are experimenting with doing the work of church in teams of 5-7 persons. The idea is to take a task, get creative, and go for it. But more importantly, it allows more folks to be engaged in the work and community of church without signing one’s life away.

Let’s see if you can find what you are looking for in a religious community at WUUC. And then let’s see what you want to give to it…

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,
Rev. Lo