Sermons from January 2016

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Behind the Pink Doors: A Chaplain’s Life at Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood has been in the center of media for months now, from the misleading videos, to congressional efforts to investigate and defund our women‘s health centers, to the recent shooting inside the Colorado Springs clinic. Often the questions raised concern what happens inside the work of reproductive justice in Planned Parenthood. Let me share […]

Voting Rights (and Wrongs) in the Early 21st Century


The Voting Rights Act is generally regarded as one of the most significant and effective federal laws in American history. But not many people beyond voting rights lawyers know very much about its key provisions. This [talk?] will describe the contested nature of two provisions: section five’s “preclearance” requirement and the second section’s prohibition of […]

Resisting Despair


I believe that action is our antidote to despair. I believe it from living my own life, and from hearing about the lives of many others. The trick is that often the action that would move us out of despair is terrifying: Uncertain, uncharted, with no clear outcome. So, often, we choose not to risk. […]