Sermons from July 2018

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Creating Hope from a Buddhist Perspective


Mike Lisagor will talk about his life and his 49-year experience practicing Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI-USA, why we must not succumb to despair in these difficult times, and how we can create hope within our own lives. Mike Lisagor has practiced SGI Nichiren Buddhism for 49 years and is the author of “Romancing The Buddha,” a best-selling book […]

Sacred Ground: Reflections on Oso and the Role of Place in Spiritual Life


Join in exploring our connection to space and how our surroundings influence spiritual experience.  Do we make space sacred or does it have energy of its own that persists beyond our influence?  How can the energy of a location influence our actions and impressions?  When should we embrace or attempt change a spiritual landscape?  What […]

Finding Hope in a Crazy World


With all of the rapid changes, it’s difficult to decide where to put our energy that will be effective, transformative, sustainable and nourishing. Is there such a thing? Betsy muses on this question and her strategy. Betsy is a wetland ecologist and writer who lives near Duvall. She has been a member of WUUC since […]