Sermons from December 2018

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Seasons of Passage, Moments of Light


Join us for a multigenerational Full Community worship service as we explore the sheltering dark and the growing light of this special season. We’ll also join in a ritual of transition to mark the changes in religious education at WUUC and create a welcoming space for our new Director of Lifelong Learning who will begin […]

Wondering & Wandering


How do you experience mystery? How does your experience of mystery guide your life? As Rabbi Lawrence Kushner wrote, “A mystic is anyone who has the gnawing suspicion that the apparent discord, brokenness, contradictions, and discontinuities that assault us every day might conceal a hidden unity.”

Growing Spirits, Healing the World


These words, adapted from WUUC’s Covenant, are reminders that Unitarian Universalism is a faith built not on religious doctrine, but on relationship, and that relationships are continually in process. They also remind us that steps we take to heal as individuals and as a religious community can be carried forward to transform the world.