Sermons by Reverend Diana L. Smith

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A Lamp in Every Corner, A Light in Every Heart


For Full Community worship, we’ll celebrate All Souls Day by exploring a Transylvanian Unitarian story and making a table of remembrance with photos and pictures of loved ones (people or animals) who have died. We’ll also take up a change collection for UNICEF, so please bring your coins!



We’re creating sanctuary for ourselves and each other all the time, but how? And who are the people we’re creating sanctuary for? What are we doing to damage it? Join us to explore these questions.

Storying a Vision


While our past doesn’t dictate our future, it affects it. Join us to reflect on how the stories we tell help us create a vision of who we were, who we are, and who we’re going to be.

The Journey Continues


The interim period is a special and wonderful time in the life of a congregation – a new part of your journey. Together we’ll consider what the interim time is and what it means to be on a journey together.