WUUC Bylaws

WUUC is governed by a set of bylaws, or rules,  agreed to and voted on by the congregation.  WUUC Bylaws

WUUC Policies and Procedures

WUUC is governed by the policies and procedures developed and agreed upon by the membership.

Cares and Concerns Committee Guidelines

Childcare Guidelines

Church Closure Policy

Conflict Resolution Policy


Disruptive Behavior Policy

Email List Removal Guidelines

Employee Handbook

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Procedure

Evacuation Instructions

Fairshare Giving Guide

Fundraising Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Governance Policy

Guest Speaker Payments

Hiring Process Guidelines

Kitchen Cleaning Procedure

Major Replacements Reserve Policy

Memorial Gardens Policy

Organizational Chart

Rental Policies

Service Scheduling Policy

Treats Volunteer Procedure

Usher Instructions