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Theme: Healing

Healing by Gerd Altman from Pixabay
What Does it Mean to Be a People of Healing?

If your body won’t do what it used to, for right now let it be enough.

If your mind won’t stop racing or can’t think of the word, let it be enough.

If you are here utterly alone and in despair, be all that here with us. If today you …

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Minister's Musings

Lillie, Dan - Copy

We Can Choose Goodness

By Rev. Dan Lillie
Hello WUUC Community,
I keep hearing (and only halfway in jest) that folks are done with 2020; that we’ve already faced more than a year’s worth of corruption, destruction, oppression, depression, cancellation, and frustration. And not only have we been dealt a horrible set of circumstances (a pandemic, social isolation, economic turmoil, hurricanes, fires, etc.), but I am finding that …

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Minister's Musings Nov: We Can Choose Goodness

The View from RE


You Are Not Alone

By Bridget Laflin
Director of Religious Education
As we approach the holiday season, I am once again experiencing feelings of loss. Loss is all around us. There is the loss of our ability to be near family and friends, the loss of jobs, of homes, of traditions. It is so easy to get caught up in mourning what we have lost in this pandemic. We are also being asked to …

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You Are Not Alone
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Preview night, Nov. 14, 7-8 p.m. live (Zoom)- introduction of the virtual auction (SIMPLE auction website info/instructions), -- plus our Auctioneers, Rob Katz & John Villasenor, will open bidding for one live auction item (test run for Nov. 21)

Virtual auction, Nov. 14-21 - online bidding anytime, 8pm Nov. 14- noon, Nov. 21, - bidders will receive email updates …

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Racial Justice: 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge (11/7-11/29)

Racial Justice: 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge (11/7-11/29)

By Carol Taylor
Join us for 21 days of learning, reflection, discussion, and action. Spend a few minutes each day exploring videos and readings on a different topic. Get the opportunity to share your thoughts and plans with others in the community. Sign up here to participate. Understand the origins of the concept of race, how it influences us as individuals …

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Skills for Deep Listening to Another Person

Skills for Deep Listening to Another Person
By Jan Radoslovich
The October 2020 Soul Matters theme was “Deep Listening.” WUUC’s Lay Pastoral Associates (LPAs) and Rev. Dan would like to take this opportunity to share some of the skills we use for deep listening. Each of us in the congregation can have the opportunity to provide care to each other in times of need. Deep listening has an …

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Notes 4 Earth

Sticky note

The Future We Choose

Notes 4 Earth: The Future We Choose
By John Hartman
A synopsis of the recommendations made by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac in "The Future We Choose."

What You Can Do Now
Here is a summary of the recommendations for a personal action plan for surviving the climate crisis.

Right Now
Take a deep breath and decide that you will be a hopeful visionary for humanity through these dark days.

Decide you will vote for, campaign for and support candidates who champion …

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The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis

Worship Team Update

Creativity as Worship, Art as Ministry

By Donna Johnson and Karen Hyams

Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. ‘(Oxford Dictionary)

“The foremost reason that artists create, and the rest of us value their art, is because art forms a …

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Worship Team Update:  Creativity as Worship, Art as Ministry

ASJ Special Collections Update

Your Money Supports Our Values!

By Cora Goss-Grubbs and Pam Green, Co-Chairs
We are delighted to report that last month we collected $1,455 to add to the Black Student and Families Fund (BSAFF). This money, along with WUUC volunteers, assists the families of students in the Northshore School District with a variety of needs – from essentials of food and shelter, to monthly bills and car …

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WUUC Sends 5,405 Letters to Help Get Out the Vote

WUUC Sends 5,405 Letters to Help Get Out the Vote
Members of the Vote Forward letter-writing crew gather to celebrate 5,405 letters.
Photo by Rev. Dan Lillie
By John Hartman
On Oct. 16, WUUC celebrated the completion of the Vote Forward, Get Out the Vote letter-writing initiative.

Over the last 7½ months, 42 WUUC letter writers wrote a total of 5,405 letters. The letters are targeted to registered voters in Texas and Nevada who are infrequent voters. The letters were mailed on Oct. 16, with hopes that they reach the …

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The letter-writing winner is: Lou Anne Maxwell. Photo by Donna Johnson.

November Calendar: https://wuuc.org/calendarevents/

Numerous Zoom meetings are held each week, including opportunities to grow our spirits and opportunities to connect for fun and entertainment. Please check the calendar link above for the schedule. Contact office@wuuc.org or your facilitator if you need the Zoom link to a meeting.


Whose We Are: All Souls Day of Remembrance, 11/1

Whose We Are: All Souls Day of Remembrance
– Reverend Dan Lillie
With a Reflection by Erika Jackson Kirkendall
We are shaped by the lives who have touched our own. Let us remember those who have passed away, but who live on in us.

Holding Space, 11/8

Holding Space
– Reverend Dan Lillie
Can we take a moment just to breathe? Let's focus on our complicated feelings, and the discomfort that comes from sitting with the uncertainty of what happens next now that the election is over.

Mending Our Spirits, 11/15

Mending Our Spirits
– Reverend Dan Lillie
The process of healing isn't about returning to how things were before the pain or loss occurred. It's about honestly acknowledging our feelings, creating a "new normal" for what life is like after the loss, and making meaning from the experience. Let's explore ways to mend our spirits.
Healing Our Families, Country and Democracy

Healing Our Families, Country and Democracy, 11/22

– Max Brown
The elections are over, and the healing begins. Can healing be found in exploring what we share as opposed to what divides us?

Max Brown, currently a public affairs and government relations principal with the Desimone Consulting Group, …

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TBA (Topic: Compassionate Communication and Restorative Justice), 11/29

Restorative Justice/Compassionate Communication
– Reverend Carlton E. Smith, Lead, Pacific Western Region of the UUA

We’re excited to have Rev. Carlton Smith share his prophetic voice with us. More information about this service will be shared later in the month. Stay tuned!
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