What to expect on Sunday Mornings

How should I dress?

Dress is casual for children and adults.

Is the facility accessible?

Our parking lot includes disabled parking spaces. Our building is on one level and meets ADA standards. Our religious education portables are accessible via ramps. We offer large print orders of service. We do not have personal FMs  or amplification devices at this time.

What happens when I arrive?

Greeters are eager to welcome you at the front door. Inside, our Member & Friend Engagement Coordinator, Caly Lynberg, looks forward to meeting new folks. From there we hope you will make your way to the Membership table where you can fill out a name badge as well as a Visitor’s card to give us a bit of information about you. You will also be given a folder of information that tells you more about who we are at WUUC.

What about children?

Our nursery and preschool is for infancy through age four. Older children usually stay in the sanctuary through the Time for All Ages, which begins about 15-20 minutes into the service. Then, on most Sundays, the children go to their Religious Education Classes. Our services are also “piped” into the foyer and hallways outside of the sanctuary if you need to stay with your child until they get used to attending the nursery or classes. Children are welcome to stay in the service if their presence does not interfere with their parents or others around them being able to hear and participate.

Are there Adult Education Opportunities?

Yes but not on Sunday mornings. They are offered under what we call our “Insight” classes. A brochure of the classes is included in your packet. The classes meet at different times during the week and year.

What is the service like?

Though Unitarian Universalists are liberal and progressive both theologically and in terms of social justice, our worship services actually follow a fairly traditional Protestant format. Our services typically run around one hour. We sing songs and hymns, hear readings from numerous sacred sources as well as poetry, include a story time for children (Time for All Ages), take a monetary offering in support of the ministry of the church and ministry in the larger world, and share the joys and sorrows of our hearts with one another. Wonderful music is offered each week by various musicians in our church community. The themes of the services are varied as are the styles of the services. Our services try to address what is of ultimate value and meaning in our lives. We worship–which literally means “to shape worth”–with open minds and hearts. Some mornings we may be sitting in a circle, other times in rows. Services often include rituals from Christian, Jewish, Pagan, and Buddhist traditions, and occasionally center on holiday pageants, theatrical presentations, and special music. We hope that every service has something that people can take away with them.

How do I connect with others after the service?

After the service, we stay in the sanctuary to drink beverages and share food and conversation.  It is a time to meet and connect with the community. We also have a Visitor’s Welcome Circle outside in the entry that is hosted by our Membership Coordinator, Julia Simon. Some Sundays we offer tours of the campus for visitors. We also have a sign-up table in the foyer for events happening at WUUC.