Pledge FAQs

Are you new to making a financial commitment to WUUC?

If so, we thought you may have questions and we have prepared this resource to address some of them.

Talking about money makes me anxious, and makes me question my involvement with WUUC. What do you recommend?

We understand that anxiety. Money is a difficult subject for most people. But what we recommend is that you reconsider what your gift represents. It is not a financial transaction like buying something that you want from a store. Being involved in a community like ours is a different relationship than you may have with other organizations, businesses or even other non-profits. We are a self-supporting community of people who have chosen to band together so that our energies and values will be given structure and reach out to positively affect each other and our world. Our community is able to exist because our members and friends pledge their support, so giving is an integral part of that relationship. We recommend that you reconsider what it means to pay money to WUUC. It is really an investment in your own wellbeing, in your community, and in the greater world.

Who does WUUC ask to pledge or donate?

We ask all who participate in our services or programs, members or not, to join us in financial support of our community. We are a community of 120-140 families, so each gift is important. We ask newcomers and those who attend services or programs to pledge or contribute to the church. We have few sources of income other than donations from our members and friends; therefore we truly need and expect the support of all newcomers as well as our continuing members.

Why should I pledge if I put money in the collection plate whenever I come to church?

To provide ongoing programs, we need to have predictable revenue. Our expenses for salaries, utilities and maintenance continue regardless of attendance. We cannot budget adequately based on fluctuating collection plate contributions. Currently 92% of our revenue comes from pledged contributions. As a participant, we ask you to give your fair share to support WUUC.

How do I pay a pledge?

Most members and friends contribute once or twice each month. Many authorize WUUC to automatically receive regular payments from their bank account. Others place their checks in the plate on Sunday or mail them to WUUC. Some make payments when they can. Some contribute a lump sum to cover the entire year. Occasionally we receive gifts of appreciated stock, which give significant tax benefits to the donors.

What if my financial circumstances change during the year and I can’t keep up with my pledge?

Should a change occur in your financial status and you are unable to meet your pledge, it is possible to adjust your pledge during the fiscal year. We care about your situation, and will work with people who are having financial needs.

How much am I expected to give?

We ask all of our members to consider making a pledge of 2%-10% or more of their income. Please refer to the Annual Budget Drive brochure for the Fair Share Giving Guide. If your income is below the median for our area, a pledge of 2%-4% is suggested. If your income is higher, then a pledge of 5% or more is suggested. Approximately 40% of our members give a pledge that they self-report is a “fair share.” We encourage you to find the amount that is right for you. Pledges from our members vary from $10 per month to $1500 or more.

Who can I contact with more questions?

We have a group of Stewards with long-term experience in our congregation and special training in Stewardship. Any of them would be happy to talk with you further. Please contact

Thanks for being a part of our spiritual community!