Conflict.  Difference of opinion.  Changing perspective.  Curiosity.  Connection.  Relationships and Resolutions. 

Like all congregations, WUUC has our share of conflicts.    Before the pandemic hit, for a variety of reasons, turmoil was rumbling at WUUC causing discomfort and dissatisfaction.     As we begin to gather again after two years of imposed isolation, WUUC has developed a small team who are learning methods and developing programs whose goals are to help improve our skills when faced with conflict and differences of opinion.  Strength and opportunity in conflict adds to our perspectives and increases understanding.  We want the WUUC be a place of trust, caring and exploration, a place to grow safely without the risk of attack from within our community.   

This requires learning how to engage in difficult conversations while maintaining relationships of mutual respect and curiosity.  The R&R Team are not experts in conflict resolution, but our skills are improving.  We are not here to determine who is right or wrong.   We’re learning how to listen and developing methods we can share with the congregation so when conflict arises, we have tools in our toolbox to resolve them. 

What does R&R stand for?  

Rest and Relaxation, of course, but the WUUC R&R Team is about resolving relationships with-in the congregation.   We’ve got some work ahead of us.  Understanding reasons for different positions, clarifying concerns and reducing tensions or resentments requires a willingness to engage with those who disagree with us.   Calmly and with curiosity.

The R&R Team is aiming to help establish and maintain both respectful curiosity and respectful honesty in difficult conversations.  We hope the result will be stronger relationships and a sense of renewed community within our congregation.

And about those R&R’s … First we are about  Relationships. 

That second R has a lot of meetings  —  Reconciliation    Re-covenanting    Repair    Restoration     Renewal     Reconsideration     Revitalization…

It’s a choose-your-own situation – and we can try them all!

Thank you for being part of our WUUC Community.  We are glad you are here and we want to create a space that is full of love and understanding – with respectfully different opinions and perspectives. 

The WUUC R&R Teams Members (in alphabetical order) are Mary Alexander, Jane Flood, Lori McConnell and Grace Simons.  With the Reverend Dan Lillie as our anchor.