Lifelong Learning


As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that the central religious act is to freely choose what to think and believe, and that this is best done in a loving community. We seek to create a safe and loving community that appreciates diversity and is a place to have deep conversations in a culture of open hearts and minds. We empower children, youth and adults to grow in community and embrace their own lifelong spiritual exploration and growth.

Religious Education happens in everything we do in our congregation; however, we do offer opportunities for exploration with our children on Sunday mornings, youth on Sunday evenings and adults throughout the week. We call our religious education program Soulful Exploration, as we are using the Soul Matters monthly themes this year to enrich our learning across all ages. This isn’t school and it isn’t quite social time either. Soulful Exploration is time where we gather to explore the so called “spiritual,” to talk about our faith or lack of faith without judgment, and to worship the beauty of life together in community.