Feedback & Suggestion Form

Dear Community,

WUUC is committed to providing the best experience possible for all our congregation members, friends, and visitors.  We encourage you to participate in our continuous improvement by submitting constructive suggestions regarding our church, our services, or even our website. Tell us your questions, comments, or concerns.  Your feedback is a valuable part of our program.  What can we do to grow and become a stronger and more welcoming faith community?  Appreciation and positive feedback are also very valuable … What’s working well for you?  What do you like about WUUC?   Your suggestion will be reviewed promptly and considered for possible further action.  

You may use this link to submit your suggestion online.  Anonymous feedback is permitted. 

Feedback and Suggestion Form:

Alternatively, you may send your suggestion in an email directly to the Board at  Thank you for your input.

In Community,
WUUC Board.