June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter


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In This Issue:

Nominees for Elected Positions 23-24
New Member Group Photo
New Member Bios
Worship Survey Results Update
Totes to Go Wrap-Up
Future of RE meeting
Woodinville Pride
Great Youth Bake Off
Circle Supper
Community Conversations & Takeaways
Styrofoam Worms Craft Event
Morning Sister Circle
Family Night
Nonfiction Book Club
Congregational Meeting
Golden Girls
Men’s Breakfast
Post-Service Potluck
Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events
Online Feedback & Suggestion Form

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June 2023 Theme: Delight

June 2023 Theme: Delight
Passage from Soul Matters June 2023 Theme: Delight
Welcome to the Path of Delight Because the road turns long and lonely sometimes, I built this box of delight. I picked up the lid and into it I put…

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Nominees for Elected Positions 2023-2024

Nominees for Elected Positions 2023-2024
After the worship service on June 18th, we are having our Annual Congregational Meeting, where we will vote on the proposed 2023-24 budget and for the candidates for the elected positions on the Board of Trustees, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee. The members of the Nominating Committee are grateful the following members have agreed to serve on the following committees. We propose the following slate of candidates …

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New Member Group Photo

Kate Smith, Jeff & Ann Lu, Jane & Tevina Flood, Tony & Katie
Grant & Neil Smith Gemma Faraco-Hadlock

New Member Bios

Tony, Katie, Gemma:
Tony and Katie moved to Washington in 2015 after meeting in college at Boston University. Katie is originally from Virginia Beach, VA and Tony is originally from Colorado. Katie is a first-grade teacher in the Renton school district and Tony is a software engineer at Microsoft. Aside from raising newly-born Gemma, they enjoy musicals, ice hockey, and hiking.
Kate Smith:
Kate is serving at WUUC as the chair of the Membership committee, and when she’s not hard at work as a Project Manager at Microsoft where she “makes SQL Queries go fast.”, or hard at work on the Membership team, she’s busy doing exciting things with her kiddos like sailing, hiking, or biking. When she has time for an activity without the kids, she turns to hiking, quilting, or lifting weights.
In our July Newsletter we will publish bios and pictures for our other new members: Jeff and Ann Lu, and Jane and Tevina Flood!

Worship Survey Results Update

Worship Survey Results Update
– WUUC Worship Team
Sunday worship is the heart of our community. We all want our worship time together to be an important and meaningful part of each week. To get input for service planning for the 2023-2024 church year, the WUUC Worship Team provided a survey for congregants in April/May, 2023. This was an opportunity for all in our community to share ideas about worship topics, approaches, music, and guest speakers (both internal and external). We received 34 responses to the survey, with a wide range and variety of comments.…

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Totes to Go Wrap-Up

– Grace Simons

June is here and school will soon be out for the summer. The WUUC “Totes to Go” program is looking back on a very successful year! We provide food for 15 students at Maywood Elementary for weekends, when school meals are not available. Thanks to the many WUUCies who have donated to the program this year, and other years as well. Your generosity means that “our” kids don’t show up at school on Mondays hungry and less able to learn.
This year, we have provided over 600…

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Totes to Go Wrap-Up
Photo: Rana helping unload donations.

Future of RE Meeting – Sunday, June 4

Future of RE Meeting
Meeting to discuss the future of Religious Education (RE) here at WUUC.
Who: Anyone interested in RE
What: Discussion on the current and future status of RE
When: Sunday 6/4,12pm
Where: Portable 2

Woodinville Pride – Saturday, June 10

Woodinville Pride
– Jean Fowler on behalf of Welcoming Congregations Committee
Please join us for the Second Annual “Woodinville PRIDE” celebration. Saturday, June 10 from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. Wilmot Gateway Park, Woodinville. WUUC Social Justice Team and the Welcoming Congregations committee will sponsor a booth. The event will feature artists, crafters, and performers, at this local, family-oriented, safe and inclusive event.
– Cora Goss-Grubbs & Pam Green

Did you know that Woodinville has its very own Pride event? Their goal is to “elevate some of Eastside’s best queer artists/creators, LGBTQ+ business owners and some equity and equality focused organizations.” More info here: https://woodinvillepride.org/
As ASJ Coordinators, Pam Green and I have…

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Great Youth Bake Off – Saturday, June 10

– Skylar Hopkins, Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Our youth have spoken and they want cookies! June’s youth group event will be a cookie baking party! Although we’re calling it “The Great Youth Group Bake Off,” this will be a fun collaborative evening of baking delicious cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin to be specific). In addition to RSVPing to Skylar, please fill in your name on this spreadsheet to indicate what ingredients you can contribute. Saturday, June 10th from 6-8pm in the WUUC kitchen.

Circle Supper- Saturday, June 10

Circle Lunch (os)
June’s Circle Supper will be held at the home of Ari Kemis on Saturday, June 10th at 6:00 p.m. I hope you can make it. There are 10 seats available. If you’re ready to sign up please use this link

Circle Supper’s are potlucks held at a different community member’s house each month. There is a sign-up sheet in a Google Doc, and anyone who wants to attend can put their name down along with their dietary preferences and what they are bringing.
If you’ve never been to a Circle Supper before and want to know more…

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Community Conversations – Sunday June 11

Please join us June 11 for an in-person Community Conversation and/or July 12 for a zoom conversation. We will provide a reminder as we get closer to those dates.
Community Conversations Takeaways
A Main takeaway – a disagreement on an issue is not a rejection of the whole person. We care about each other and we will be there for each other. We re-started Community Conversations in January 2023 to give WUUC members/friends a place and opportunity to have thoughtful community conversations with fellow WUUC members/friends. We wanted to provide …

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Styrofoam Worms – Sunday, June 11

Styrofoam Worms
– Skylar Hopkins, Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Don’t you hate it when you order something online and it comes in a box with all of that unnecessary styrofoam? Did you know that styrofoam takes 500 years to decompose?!? The solution… worms! Superworms can turn that styrofoam into a compostable material in just a few weeks! As long as companies keep packaging with styrofoam, our worms will keep eating it. Join us as Karen Hyams teaches us how they do it with a live demonstration. This event is intended to take the place of our monthly family craft event. Kids are welcome and encouraged to help us make the ecosystem for the worms to do their thing, however, all ages are welcome to join and watch! Info about the event can be found on the flyer.

Morning Sister Circle – Monday, June 12

Morning Sister Circle [L,Z]
– Dottie Simpson
Sister Circle is a WUUC group which has met every second Monday (10-12). We are a group of women who meet (via zoom right now) to discuss a person of interest or an essay of interest every month. We have recently discussed women philosophers, women of action, NPR essays, spiritual essays, etc. The group is open to any woman at WUUC and we would love to have any interested woman join us. If you have any questions/would like to join Contact Dottie at .

Family Night – Saturday, June 17

WUUC monthly Family Night in the sanctuary. We are getting ready for the next one on Saturday, June 17 at 4:00-7:00 pm in the church sanctuary. If you think you and your kids might be interested in coming, please put your names and ages on the sign up sheet. This way I’ll know how much food we’ll need and how …

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Family Night (s)

Nonfiction Book Club – Saturday, June 17

Nonfiction Book Club
– Alaine Davis
Join us on Saturday, June 17, 2023 @ 6:00 p.m. for a meeting of the WUUC Nonfiction Book Club, hosted by Jack Brand at the home of Alaine Davis and Lane Owsley in Kenmore. We will be discussing The Persuaders: At the Front Lines of the Fight for Hearts, Minds, and Democracy by Anand Giridharadas. RSVP to Alaine .

The lifeblood of any free society is …

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Town Hall Meeting – Sunday, June 18

Right after the service we will discuss the proposed budget and candidates for the next fiscal year 2023-2024.

Topics include:
The proposed budget for the next fiscal year.
The candiates proposed by the nominating committee for the Board and other committees. This is also the time to nominate other candidates if anyone wishes to do so.
For info about candidates go to wuuc.org/nomcom23-24

Golden Girls Lunch – Thursday, June 22

Golden Girls Lunch (os)
– Stephana Ditzler
All ladies are cordially invited to join the Golden Girls Thursday, June 22th, for lunch and fine conversion at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.
The address is 7211 – 166th Ave NE, Redmond. The time is 11:30 a.m.
We will be eating together at a table indoors in their back room. Watch for the reminder closer to the date. We hope to see you there! The restaurant has asked us to make a reservation so if you plan on coming please let Stephana know the Wednesday before the event…

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Men’s Breakfast – Saturday, June 27

Men's Breakfast [z]
– Brad Hull
Men of all ages gather to converse and eat breakfast on the fourth Saturday, at 8:30 a.m. at the Hagen’s Supermarket in Woodinville. Eat breakfast, drink coffee, talk about guy stuff. It’s the most fun you can have on a cold, wet Saturday morning.
Information/RSVP: Brad Hull, bkhull@gmail.com

Post-Service Potluck – Sunday, June 25

– Tevina Flood
For those with limited transportation, a potluck just after service is much easier to manage than a special trip to someone’s home. If you think you might be interested in attending the potluck in the sanctuary, it’d be great if you could go to the link below to RSVP. It will help plan a rough idea of how many people might stay after to share food together.

Please send me thoughts and questions to Tevina Flood: tevina.flood@gmail.com
Post-Service Potluck [s]

Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events

Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events
Dear WUUC, The pandemic has been hard on all of us. Engaging with our shared community is more important than ever. To that end, we encourage all folks who plan, develop, or coordinate WUUC events to carefully consider including people who may not be able to participate in person by offering hybrid or online options whenever possible. Training and/or help with setting up virtual/hybrid events is available. Please contact May Killorin, Office Manager, for assistance.

Your Board of Trustees

WUUC Online Feedback & Suggestion Form

Dear Community, WUUC is committed to providing the best experience possible for all our congregation members, friends, and visitors. We encourage you to participate in our continuous improvement by submitting constructive suggestions regarding our church, our services, or even our website. Tell us your questions, comments, or concerns. Your feedback is a valuable part of our program. What can we do to grow and become a stronger and more welcoming faith community? Appreciation and positive feedback are also very valuable … What’s working well for you? What do you like about WUUC? Your suggestion will be reviewed promptly and considered for possible further action. You may use this link to submit your suggestion online. Anonymous feedback is permitted.

Feedback and Suggestion Form: https://forms.gle/mWgNNyma7DizrQ8K7

Alternatively, you may send your suggestion in an email directly to the Board at board@wuuc.org. Thank you for your input.
In Community,
WUUC Board

Seeking connections?

Seeking connections?
WUUC offers numerous opportunities to get to know one another, delve more deeply into spiritual topics or just gather for song or conversation. If you’re seeking connections, the first place to try is here.

June Calendar: https://wuuc.org/calendarevents/

Numerous Zoom & in person meetings are held each week, including opportunities to grow our spirits and opportunities to connect for fun and entertainment. Please check the calendar link above for the schedule. Contact office@wuuc.org or your facilitator if you need the Zoom link to a meeting.


6/4 – Pride-Themed Service

Pride-Themed Service
– Brandon Knox,
Program Director at Lambert House

We are pleased to welcome Brandon Knox as our pulpit guest. Brandon is the program director at Lambert House, a safe place for LGBTQ youth to find community, and develop leadership, social, and life skills. As Pride month kicks off, come find out how Brandon and the Lambert House team are living into their mission.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.
Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

Joy with a Capital J

6/11 – Joy with a Capital J

– Reverend Crystal Zerfoss

This joyous service will invite you to joyfully explore your own inner joy as well as revel in the ways in which we grow joy together as a community. Even if you are not feeling particularly joyful at this time of the year, this service is for you.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.
Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

Volunteer Appreciation / Recognizing Transitions

6/18 – Volunteer Appreciation / Recognizing Transitions

– Reverend Dan Lillie

Join the celebration as we recognize the wonderful people who do the hard and joyful work of our community. We will also lift up important transitions in the lives of our children, youth, and adults. Come close out this church year with joy and gratitude!

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.
Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

6/25 – Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (UUA GA) Sunday Worship

Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (UUA GA) Sunday Worship
– Reverend Manish Mishra-Marzetti, Senior Minister of the First UU Congregation of Ann Arbor, MI

Come join others at WUUC for a screening of the worship service from this year’s General Assembly in Pittsburgh. A short in-person Joys and Sorrows service will follow. This will not be a hybrid service, so anyone wishing to attend virtually is encouraged to stream the GA worship service directly from the UUA website to their own device.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.
Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

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