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August 2020 Newsletter



Tree Avenue by Peter H from Pixabay

Let’s Extend a Welcome!

By Rachel Eddy
August is approaching and with it, our new settled minister, Dan Lillie and his family will arrive in Washington.
The Lillies plan to spend their first month in an Airbnb near Northgate while they familiarize themselves with the area and look for longer-term housing. They will arrive in Washington on Aug. 9, after a five-day …
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Lillies Family pic June 2020 (002)
Minister Dan Lillie, wife Emily Kuo and daughter Natalie Kuo-Lillie

A Message from

Minister Dan

By Dan Lillie
Hello WUUC!
I am honored that you are considering co-ordaining me to Unitarian Universalist ministry. The act of ordination happens just once for a minister. It is the moment when a congregation (or sometimes more than one!) affirms a minister’s call to a lifetime of service to the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism. The last congregation I served, …
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The View from RE


In Trying Times, I Believe in Us

In Trying Times, I Believe in Us
By Bridget Laflin
Director of Religious Education
Hello Beloveds,
Will you breathe with me? Take a deep breath in slowly. Exhale slowly. Repeat as many times as necessary to feel a bit of calm. Let’s just take a minute and remember that we love each other. At the very least, remember that I love all of you. This pandemic is causing a …
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Vote Forward 2

Vote Forward Jane Mathewson

Vote Forward Donna Johnson
Clockwise from top left, Silvia Steed (100 letters), Jane Mathewson (250) and Donna Johnson (50) display their Vote Forward production.

WUUC’s Get-Out-the-Vote Effort Takes Off

By John Hartman
When WUUC’s Climate Justice team started WUUC’s get out the vote initiative in conjunction with Vote Forward, they set a goal of writing 1,000 letters. We’re now five months into the initiative and our letter writers have committed to writing 4,200 letters (!) – with about two and a half months left in the campaign. All of our …
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Notes 4 Earth

Sticky note

Rethinking Transportation: A Picture Worth More than a Thousand Words

Rethinking Transportation: A Picture Worth More than a Thousand Words
By John Hilke
I bet it has been a while since you thought about railroads, but ideas are stirring in Congress and a group called Solutionary Rail has been thinking about the overlaps between transportation, social justice, and environmental issues for several years. This picture conveys many of the key environmental ideas regarding transportation. The industrialized world already has a vast …
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Worship Team Update

Forward Course Set

By Donna Johnson
The Worship Team is making plans to welcome and work with our new minister, Dan Lillie.
Minister Dan joined us for our July Worship Team meeting, and we set a course for the first weeks of his time with us. Worship services for late August and early September have been planned by WUUC Worship Associates and Lay speakers; …
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Upcoming Events

August Calendar:

Numerous Zoom meetings are held each week, including opportunities to grow our spirits and opportunities to connect for fun and entertainment. Please check the calendar link above for the schedule. Contact or your facilitator if you need the Zoom link to a meeting.


Shame and Rage

Shame and Rage, 8/2

– Cora Goss-Grubbs, WUUC Member
The work of anti-oppression evokes a wide range of difficult emotions – anger, guilt, grief, anxiety, fear – making it challenging, exhausting, and sometimes impossible. Cora Goss-Grubbs will share a personal story and the ideas of trauma specialists to guide us in exploring how we might advance our anti-racism work by healing our hearts and bodies of racialized trauma.

Meet ALICE: The Face of Poverty in Snohomish County, 8/9

Meet ALICE: The Face of Poverty in Snohomish County [z]
– Rachel Eddy, WUUC Member
Public discourse around economic policy often evokes limited ideas of who to view as poor, while those who directly serve people experiencing poverty often have a very different understanding of their needs and experience. Join us for a trauma-informed exploration of generation poverty, its effects, and policy implications.
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Taking the Pulse of a Community, 8/16

Taking the Pulse of a Community
– Jack Brand, WUUC Member
How do we know what a “community” is thinking? How can a leader – and a direction – be chosen for a group of individuals with differing needs and beliefs? Jack Brand asks whether the recent WUUC Minister Search process has implications beyond our walls.

Living by the Book, 8/23

Living by the Book
– Ava Priest, WUUC Member
A genre-bending exploration of how reading secular books with a sacred lens can support the responsible search for truth and meaning. Ava speaks to how podcasts like “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” helped them rearrange their ideas of what holy scripture looks like. Find your favorite book, song, artwork, or chalice as we dive into some …
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Mindfulness: Full Catastrophe Living, 8/30

Mindfulness As a Spiritual Practice
– Donna Johnson, WUUC Member
Join us for a contemplative hour on Sunday, August 30 to experience mindfulness as a spiritual practice through music, poetry, readings, and reflections that remind us of the benefits of mindfulness, especially in challenging times.
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