September 2023 Newsletter

September 2023 Newsletter


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In This Issue:

Seeking Childcare Providers
Justice & Service Updates
Totes to Go – September 2023
GenXYZ Night
Morning Sister Circle
Pop-Up Blood Drive
TED Talk Tuesday
Circle Lunch
Safer Congregation Small Group Meetings
Men’s Breakfast
Post-Service Potluck
Community Conversation
Golden Girls
Building Your Own Theology Class
Non-Fiction Book Club
Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events
Online Feedback & Suggestion Form

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Seeking Childcare Providers

We’d love to have a few more people join our awesome team of Childcare Providers who look after our youngest UUs on Sundays during worship services and at church events where childcare is being offered. We ask our Childcare Providers to serve once per month, but we can certainly put you on the schedule more often if you’d like!
For adults (18+), this is a volunteer position.
For youth ages 15-17, this is a paid position compensated at $17.00/hr.
Our Childcare Providers play such an important role in making WUUC a welcoming community to families by creating a safe and supportive environment for our children, and peace of mind for our parents wanting to participate in church gatherings without having to find a babysitter. Anyone interested in serving as a Childcare Provider should contact Rev. Dan at

Justice & Service Updates

Justice & Service Updates
The Advocates for Social Justice (ASJ) special collection on Sept 17 will support our WUUC sponsored Black Students and Families Fund (BSAFF). This fund, along with WUUC volunteers, assists families of students in the Northshore School District (especially those living at Greenleaf, a subsidized housing community in Kenmore) with a variety of needs – from essentials like food, shelter, and monthly …

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Totes to Go – September 2023

School is starting and the WUUC Totes program is ready to help students who are at risk of missing meals on weekends when school meals aren’t available. Our first delivery of the 2023-2024 school year is almost ready to go. We’ve had a great response from members and friends who have signed up to be scheduled donors – providing a specific part of our list each month. About 70% of our needs will be covered by these folks. Thanks so much!! In case you missed the invitation but would…

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Totes to Go - September 2023

GenXYZ Night – Saturday, September 9

GenXYZ Night
An opportunity for pre-retirement age adults to get together to socialize. Maybe you’ve got a partner, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have non-adults at home, maybe you don’t (or don’t any more). Maybe you’re closer to 30, maybe you’re closer to 50. Regardless of your circumstances, if you’re Gen X or Y, we’d love to have you come to our …

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Morning Sister Circle – Monday, September 11

– Dottie Simpson
Sister Circle is a WUUC group which has met every second Monday (10-12). We are a group of women who meet (via zoom right now) to discuss a person of interest or an essay of interest every month. We have recently discussed women philosophers, women of action, NPR essays, spiritual essays, etc. The group is open to any woman at WUUC and we would love to have any interested woman join us. If you have any questions/would like to join Contact Dottie at .
Morning Sister Circle [L,Z]

Pop-Up Blood Drive – Monday-Wednesday, September 11,12,13

Pop-Up Blood Drive [s]
At our July blood drive 120 people came to donate 105 units of blood. We’ll be doing this again September 11,12,13.

Want to be a part of this lifesaving community service? Click here to access the appointment schedule:
Book a Blood Donation Appointment

Please let Dewey Millar (assisting BloodWorks NW) know if you have any questions. (425-867-1781).

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TED Talk Tuesday – Tuesday, September 12

TED Talk Tuesday (s&z)
Join us for this new monthly event at WUUC! On the second Tuesday of each month from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., we’ll watch a TED Talk together and then discuss it afterwards. It’s like a book discussion group, except you don’t have to read a book ahead of time to participate! Instead of a book, the TED Talk is a short video that we watch together. Then we’ll engage in a facilitated discussion about it.
These events will alternate between being in-person and virtual.
The in-person occurrences will be in the WUUC Sanctuary, while the virtual occurrences will be on Zoom. Here is the schedule of…

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Circle Lunch – Saturday, September 16

Circle Supper is turning into Circle Lunch! If you would like to attend the September Circle LUNCH, now is the time to sign up. We’ve switched to lunch for this month to try to accommodate people for whom night time driving is a problem or who just don’t want to stay up and/or eat late in the evening. Ann & …

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Circle Lunch (os)

Safer Congregation Small Group Meetings –
In Person: Sunday, September 17
On Zoom: Tuesday, September 19

The Safer Congregation Task Force (SCTF) Invites You to Small Group Sessions in September and October, 2023. The SCTF has organized 4 Small Group sessions in September-October to share their work with you and get your feedback before final Board approval. Each session is 1 hour in length and will be facilitated by SCTF members. September Dates are:
Sunday, 9/17 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in-person only in Sanctuary
Tuesday, 9/19 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. remote only Zoom meeting

At WUUC we intend to promote and nurture a culture of respect and consent, providing a place where everyone can participate in a congregational life that is free from sexual harassment and misconduct. The WUUC Board appointed the Safer Congregation Task Force (SCTF) to …

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Men’s Breakfast – Saturday, September 23

Men's Breakfast [of]
– Brad Hull
Men of all ages gather to converse and eat breakfast on the fourth Saturday, at 8:30 a.m. at the Hagen’s Supermarket in Woodinville. Eat breakfast, drink coffee, talk about guy stuff. It’s the most fun you can have on a cold, wet Saturday morning.
Information/RSVP: Brad Hull,

Post-Service Potluck – Sunday, September 24

– Tevina Flood
For those with limited transportation, a potluck just after service is much easier to manage than a special trip to someone’s home. If you think you might be interested in attending the potluck in the sanctuary, it’d be great if you could RSVP to the link set out via the announce email list. It will help plan a rough idea of how many people might stay after to share food together.

Please send me thoughts and questions to Tevina Flood:
Post-Service Potluck [s]

Community Conversations –
Sunday, September 24

Community Conversations (s,z)
Please join us on Sunday, September 24 from 12:15 – 1:45 p.m. after the post service potluck for an in-person Community Conversation. We will provide a reminder as we get closer to the date via our announce email list. We touched upon the idea of trust in our latest conversation. What does trust look like in a community? What builds …

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Golden Girls Lunch – Thursday, September 28

– Stephana Ditzler
All ladies are cordially invited to join the Golden Girls Thursday, September 28th, for lunch and fine conversion at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. The address is 7211 – 166th Ave NE, Redmond. The time is 11:30. We will be eating together at a table indoors in their back room busily getting to know each other better.

Watch for an e-mail closer to the date so you can RSVP and I can make our reservation!!
Golden Girls Lunch (os)

Building Your Own Theology Class –
Eight Tuesdays, October 2 – November 21

Every individual is on a religious journey. This 8-week UUA curriculum via zoom will help you examine your values and beliefs about God or ultimate reality, human nature, ethics, and the meaning and purpose of life. Through a combination of reflection, group discussion, study, and writing, you’ll search for what is true for you in life and how your life experience informs your faith. Please note – this is not a “drop-in” class. It’s important to attend all eight sessions since they build on one another.
For questions or to sign up, you can click the link here or contact either facilitator
Facilitators: Chuck Bean (425-361-6002),
Terry Santmann (631-766-6192)

Session 1 – “Doing Theology – Getting Started”
Purposes: To get acquainted; to think about and depict our

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Nonfiction Book Club – Friday, October 27

Nonfiction Book Club
The next meeting of the WUUC Nonfiction Book Club will be Friday, October 27th at 7pm at the home of Lindsay Rogers. Please join us to discuss Braiding Seagrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. We’ll begin with a potluck and continue with the book discussion. Please RSVP to Named a Best Essay Collection of the Decade by Literary Hub and …

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Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events

Dear WUUC, The pandemic has been hard on all of us. Engaging with our shared community is more important than ever. To that end, we encourage all folks who plan, develop, or coordinate WUUC events to carefully consider including people who may not be able to participate in person by offering hybrid or online options whenever possible. Training and/or help with setting up virtual/hybrid events is available. Please contact May Killorin, Office Manager, for assistance.

Your Board of Trustees
Continuing Zoom & Hybrid Events

WUUC Online Feedback & Suggestion Form

Dear Community, WUUC is committed to providing the best experience possible for all our congregation members, friends, and visitors. We encourage you to participate in our continuous improvement by submitting constructive suggestions regarding our church, our services, or even our website. Tell us your questions, comments, or concerns. Your feedback is a valuable part of our program. What can we do to grow and become a stronger and more welcoming faith community? Appreciation and positive feedback are also very valuable … What’s working well for you? What do you like about WUUC? Your suggestion will be reviewed promptly and considered for possible further action. You may use this link to submit your suggestion online. Anonymous feedback is permitted.

Feedback and Suggestion Form:

Alternatively, you may send your suggestion in an email directly to the Board at Thank you for your input.
In Community,
WUUC Board

Seeking connections?

Seeking connections?
WUUC offers numerous opportunities to get to know one another, delve more deeply into spiritual topics or just gather for song or conversation. If you’re seeking connections, the first place to try is here.

September Calendar:

Numerous Zoom & in person meetings are held each week, including opportunities to grow our spirits and opportunities to connect for fun and entertainment. Please check the calendar link above for the schedule. Contact or your facilitator if you need the Zoom link to a meeting.


We get the list Birthdays from the realm database. Please email or update your realm profile online if we missed a birthday below.
Justin Gertler – September 1
Mary Alexander – September 5
Amy Robertson – September 7
Remy Vespaziani – September 7
Brayden Ikeda – September 7
Finn Owsley – September 10
Carol Taylor – September 12
Kai Runez – September 13
Pam Green – September 17
Emily Kuo – September 21
Eli Rockenbeck – September 22
Jan Radoslovich – September 23
Linda Sherry – September 23
Tony Faraco-Hadlock – September 25
Margie Herber – September 25
Laurie Rockenbeck – September 30


9/3 – Labor Day

Labor Day
– Rachel Eddy

Join us for this Labor Day worship service led by WUUC member Rachel Eddy.
The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.

Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

9/10 – Ingathering: Water Communion

– Reverend Dan Lillie

Join us for Ingathering, our annual service that celebrates our coming back together after a slower summer season and ramp up the 2023-24 church year! We will do our beloved Water Communion ritual, so please bring a small portion of water from wherever you adventured this year, whether near or far.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.

Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

9/17 – Theme for the Year: Connection

– Reverend Dan Lillie

Last year we explored the theme of Curiosity through some of our programs, events, and worship services. This year, we will continue some elements of the Curiosity theme, while beginning our exploration of a new theme for the year: Connection. Come learn about some of the ways we will explore and practice Connection.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.

Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

9/24 – Mabon

– Rachel Eddy

Join us for this Mabon worship service led by WUUC member Rachel Eddy.

The link to join the Zoom Meeting online service at 10 a.m. is here.

Meeting ID: 940 3686 1969
For audio only, call: 253-215-8782

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