WUUC EMail Lists


Email lists at WUUC
Following are the email lists available at WUUC. Brad Hull and others in the WUUC Communications Committee manage the Announce and general WUUC lists plus a few others. It is important that you follow the guidelines for using WUUC email lists. 

To join an email list, contact Brad Hull at bkhull@gmail.com or contact the Communications Committee at comcom@wuuc.org. Be sure to let us know which lists you would like to join.

To leave an email list (unsubscribe), you can either email <name of list>+unsubscribe@wuuc.org (such as wuuc+unsubscribe@wuuc.org) or contact the Communications Committee at comcom@wuuc.org.

Email list Description

Official announcements of church-sponsored activities only.  To ask for help or provide more detail, please use wuuc@wuuc.org instead.  Also, don’t send an announcement that calls for a response here, because replies to Announce will not meet the standard and will be lost. The list is moderated by members who will determine if your announcement fits the standards and will pass it through if it does. 

Camping Planning and coordination of the annual all-church campout near the end of July, usually at campgrounds near the coast—beautiful places and a classic fun weekend.
Candle Light a virtual candle. Send email to the WUUC community expressing your joys and concerns. Keep up to date with others in the WUUC community.
Choir Choir members; anybody who feels an interest is welcome to listen in and see if they would like to come join in.
JY Junior youth (6th-8th grade) list for communication and coordination.
Men Men’s activities, including breakfast together once a month an an annual retreat in April.
Politics Political discussion.
RE classes One per age group (DRE will add children and youth when they join)
Welcoming Discussion of LGBTQIA+ allyship as a Welcoming Congregation.
Women Women’s activities, including annual women’s retreat.

General discussion list and definitely the most active email list at church! We use this list to support each other, discuss interesting things, ask for help, and say thanks. Anything you want the whole community to see is well placed here.

  • Use for questions or discussions
  • Feel free to “reply all” if you want everyone to see your reply
  • Make sure you follow appropriate use (no solicitations for personal purposes or charities please)
YRUU Senior youth (9th-12th grade) list for communication and coordination.