– Carol Taylor

Our WUUC Community was given a chance to participate in a survey of topics related to the Widening the Circle of Concern report from the UUA. If you have not yet had a chance, you are encouraged to review it (hard copies available to borrow in library). These are the results (55 respondents). Of those who responded:

  • 60% had read or skimmed the report.
  • Of those that had not, 58% were interested in reading it.

Are changes needed at WUUC?

  • 63% thought some changes were need at WUUC to address racial inequities, biases.
  • 9% agreed changes were needed but that it was not a priority for us.
  • 19% were unclear on how the report recommendations would apply to us.
  • 9% disagreed with the report method and mandates.

What additional conversations would you like to see happening (multiple choice)?

  • 74% are comfortable or very comfortable in conversations about race, identity, equity.
  • 56% wanted to see more Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) learning opportunities.
  • 48% wanted more opportunities to interact with and assist marginalized communities.
  • 48% wanted a closer examination of our WUUC D&I practices and policies.

Should we have more conversations about race, D&I?

  • 77% were willing to participate in or lead more D&I conversations.
  • 79% were willing to participate in or lead training in having difficult conversations.

While it’s a challenge to hear from everyone in the community, 55 responses represent a significant number (about 1/3 of us) and is a good directional indicator of what people are thinking and feeling.

These questions elicited many strong reactions and opinions. Conversations around these sensitive topics need to happen thoughtfully and in safe, covenantal spaces. We have an opportunity to collectively get better at having these conversations without causing harm.

The WUUC board will be considering what to do next in response and how to make D&I work a priority for the coming church year. If you have specific questions about the survey, feel free to contact ctaylor@wuuc.org.