Renewing Our Souls

Greetings WUUC Community,

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, sunshine punctuates the stretches of wet, gray days, and we, too, are finding life anew. Each monthly newsletter has more events, activities, and programs than the one before, which is a sign that our community is offering more opportunities to connect and deepen our bonds. So as life picks up all around us, it seems like a good time to ask: what renews your soul? What brings you energy and new life?

For some of us, we find renewal among the trees, in the mountains, and along the shoreline. I know that many of us look to the beauty of the natural world for our renewal. And some of us need a true spring break, a time to sit, relax, and do nothing except whatever our hearts desire in the moment. We are grateful for the opportunity to stay in the comfort of our own home, or a favorite familiar haunt, like a coffee shop or bakery. And some of us find renewal in engaging and connecting with others. We may connect over shared interests, common values, being in a similar life stage, or united by a common challenge or circumstance. Whatever calls us to find renewal in the presence of others, one place we can do that is in a church community like ours.

It’s entirely possible that you find renewal in more than one of these sources, maybe even all of them! In fact, I think I need some mix of all of these to really feel renewed in all aspects of myself.

So once we’ve identified what renews our souls, then what? Well, do it- Renew yourself!

Ok, maybe you can’t just drop everything and disappear into the mountains, or stay home, or get together with friends whenever you want. But maybe you can make an effort to prioritize something that renews you among all of the other things that demand your time and attention. Build some time into your day for a short venture outside. Take a quick music break and listen to a favorite song. Call a friend just to check in when you have 15 minutes to spare.

So as the sun emerges and the flowers bloom, let this time of year be a reminder to renew our souls, even if it happens through just one small moment at a time.

Wishing you blessings for renewal,