Youth Programs


Join us for fun and community


WUUC youth practice radical inclusivity among their peers, welcoming all who comes to participate. There are many opportunities for youth to be involved in all aspects of church life – as musicians, sound engineers, ushers, worship associates and on various task forces or committees of their interest. Junior and Senior Youth have the opportunity to participate in youth conferences with other UU youth in the area as well as engage in social justice work in the wider community.

Youth Groups serve our youth in middle and high school and focus on 8 strands of development: leadership, connection across ages, spiritual development, beloved community, justice making, pastoral care, faith exploration and identity formation. There is no registration fee to participate, but all youth’s parents must complete the registration and safety information form online.

Junior Youth Group (Grades 6-8)

Junior Youth will meet over zoom on Sunday evenings at 6PM.  They will use two of the same curriculum as the elementary students, with adaptations to make them more relevant and interesting to older students.  One curriculum, called CartUUns utilizes short Disney and Pixar films to explore spiritual and ethical issues.  Another curriculum called Books and Cooks explores various cultures through story and food.  Junior youth will also have an opportunities to participate in monthly social justice actions with the Sr. Youth group and adult members of our social justice ministries.

Senior Youth Group (Grades 9-12)

Senior Youth will meet over zoom on Sunday evenings at 7PM. 

  • Once each month senior youth will be participating in a social justice project with junior youth and adult members from one of the justice ministries at WUUC.
  • One weekend per month students will have the opportunity to attend an online youth conference with other youth from all over the western region
  • Once per month, students will gather online to play games and hang out together.
  • And finally, once a month we will be offering the Coming of Age program for youth in grades 9-11, while the seniors will have their own class to explore topics that will be useful to them as they prepare for bridging and entering adulthood. 

    Registration Information:

    Welcome to Soulful Exploration at WUUC! Please provide your child’s information here. (Nursery-12th grade) We ask that you visit us twice and register before attending the third time. Your registration helps us keep your child safe, keep track of your child’s participation, and keep you updated on programming. Register here.