The question was, “what is or are your places of sanctuary?” He was probably 15 or 16 and he answered that he found sanctuary when listening to music and when playing video games. I asked him to tell me more about why video games were a place of sanctuary for him. He said, “Because it is the only place I have control.”

My places of sanctuary have always been the wild places where I knew that I had no control. It is the vastness and uncontrollable nature of these wild places that allow me to place my life in perspective. They assure me that there is something larger than me. Something large enough to hold me.

His place of sanctuary was of control. My places of sanctuary are the places where I surrender all illusions of control. I was struck by the difference. So I wonder, do you find sanctuary in the places where you have control or in the places where you in essence, let go of and turn over control?

Rev. Lo