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My Wish for You

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

The following was in the comment section of Facebook in regard to an article in the Washington Post about the racial conflict at our All Souls’ Church in D.C. It is written by a non-UU who has a lot of UU friends. I found it particularly insightful into who we appear to be as a […]

Theme for April: Emergence

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

“Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough. “ Ram Dass When it comes to the spiritual life in Unitarian Universalism, there are those who declare it to be missing in action. Yes, the proverbial pendulum has swung in our denomination from hard […]

It’s Easier to Draw Lines Between than Circles Around People

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

Clarence Skinner, perhaps the most influential Universalist minister of the 19th century, ( wrote that “the line between good and evil runs through people, not between them.” In today’s cultural and political climate of “us vs. them,” Skinner’s words were prescient. Years ago, there was a poster floating around that said, “Jesus came to draw […]

Theme — Balance

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” I have always loved this quote from the writer, E.B. White. And of course, I always want to be able to do both: improve the world and […]

Help WUUC Create Its Future

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

I was reading the booklet, “Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community: Changing the Nature of the Conversation” the other day as homework for a webinar course I am taking. Its focus is “about the methodology for creating a future for our community that is distinct from and not predicted by its past. Creating a […]

Lessons from Geese

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

Years ago, I was emceeing an annual awards event for the queer community. With that task came delivering opening remarks. I thought I had stumbled on something brilliant based on listening to and watching the fall geese that filled the skies periodically that fall. Their group flight seemed the perfect metaphor for community, leadership, survival, […]