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Heritage and Wholeness – April 2019

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, How does your past influence who you are today and who you might become in the future? How does it affect what you love to do, who you connect with, and how you want to engage with the wider world? How do the high points, the low points, and the level points affect […]

History Odyssey Needs What You Love About WUUC

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, February was certainly an interesting month for all of us! Our monthly theme for February was Trust, which feels right as I reflect on the patterns of life at Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church. Our interim work together slowed down in February as Snow-pocalypse descended upon us. It disrupted the expected patterns of our […]

Focusing on History, Relationships, Identity

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

This month I want to share an update based on questions I’ve been receiving about your interim process. Interim Ministry vs Ministerial Search: Workshop Feb. 3 at 11:30 a.m. with Transitions Coach Some people have asked questions about when WUUC will begin the process of searching for your next minister and have expressed concerns that […]


by Rev. Diana L. Smith

As I write this, it’s Dec. 21. In some ways, the new year with its theme of possibility is the furthest thing from my mind and heart. And yet. And yet it is Dec. 21. It’s Solstice. One of my favorite times of the year. This is our shortest day in 2018. We will have […]

In the Interim: Where Will Our Exploration of Mystery Take Us?

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, Even after becoming a Unitarian Universalist I’ve loved the season of Advent, and particularly how it precedes winter Solstice and mingles with Hanukkah. Each of these holy days or seasons has its own message. Advent invites us to anticipation and patience. While in the Christian calendar that anticipation is geared towards the birth […]


by Rev. Diana L. Smith

December Newsletter   As we move into December, into the darkness, we find ourselves confronted with a tension or a contradiction between ways of being. Society – the human world – seems to beckon and draw us to ever more busyness, being with ever more people, and ever greater commercialism. At the same time, the […]