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Theme for the Month: Perseverance

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

“Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.”- Robert Strauss “People cry not because they are weak. It’s because they’ve been strong too long.”  – Shane Koyczan   These two quotes define the two ends of perseverance for me: doggedly hanging in […]

A Hope for All Time

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

Hopes for all of you for the coming new year: Time for quiet and reflection Time for laughter and giddiness Time with friends who remind you of who you are Time with family that is all about good food and conversation without electronic distraction Time to curl up with a good book- and you get […]

Intention: Theme for January

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

Many years ago, when I worked as a Youth Minister, I would take youth on mission trips to Spanish speaking countries to partner with local communities on a project they wanted done. I spoke no Spanish but quickly learned food words because I was a vegetarian at the time. I used to believe that if […]

Theme for December: Hope

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

“Hope has to be seen to be believed. It has to be made visible. It has to be something we can feel and touch. We are called to be persons who embody hope for one another. We have to be each other’s partners in hope.” -Paul Wadell, theologian In these times I can think of […]

Holiday Gatherings: Embodied Hope

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

December. Wrapped in darkness. Cold. Wet. Inwardly turned. And yet full of expectation and celebration. The fire of Yule. The pinprick of light returning on Solstice. The miracle of Hanukah: the oil lamp lit for 8 days re-sanctifying a defiled temple. The birth of hope against hope in a child born. Christmas. Each a holiday […]

Consider Buying Nothing

by Rev. Lois E. Van Leer

Katie Covey, the curator for Soul Matters, talks about this month’s theme of “abundance” using a line from the Wendell Berry poem, “Wild Geese”: “what we need is here.” As the season of buy, buy, buy edges out taking stock of the abundance we already have, let us return to Berry’s words. For most of […]