I am fond of saying that if anyone could come up with a system of communication that worked for communicating information and events in a church, they would make a fortune. We have email, Facebook, the newsletter, an insert in the order of service, verbal announcements, posters, and good old-fashion phone calls and face-to-face interactions. And still, someone is always bound to say, “No one told me about that!”

What also needs to be in place at a healthy church is a system of input and feedback. This became clear to me when a long-term member asked who they were supposed to give feedback to about worship services. The Worship Associates evaluate every service once a month during our meetings. We ask, “What was the intent of the service? Was that communicated? What went well? What were the glitches or could be improved upon?” But what I realized is that it is a closed system or feedback loop: those responsible for creating and leading the services were the same ones evaluating or providing feedback about them. How are folks not involved in the leading of worship able to give their input or feedback?

It is not just Worship that has this problem. It is every program we have here at WUUC: how do members and friends provide input and feedback. The most obvious answer is “directly.” If I have said or done something that has upset or offended you, please tell me directly. Just this past week, someone wanted to talk to me about something that was seemingly minor but was actually theological at its root. They prefaced the conversation with, “We probably aren’t going to agree on this but…” And once I heard them, we were in absolute agreement.

That is an easy fix. But who do you go to give input or feedback about worship or Lifespan Education or the color of the building? Again, please do all of this directly through these channels: the Ministry Leads and or committee/task force chairs. The ministry leads oversee the three areas of ministry at WUUC: Sustainability (BAG, IT, Endowment, Finance, Stewardship, Human Resources). Kathy Fosnaugh. Transformation and Action: (Worship, Social Justice, Lifelong Learning). Jan Radoslovich. Community and Engagement (Membership, Cares and Concerns, Circle Suppers, Hospitality, Visual Arts Ministry). Alaine Davis.

If you are still unsure who to get in touch with to provide input or feedback, contact Lori Varosh in the office and she can help direct you. And please remember that there is no such thing as anonymous feedback. This is a community dedicated to growth on all levels and having potentially difficult conversations is a huge area of growth for many of us.

Oh, and remember: not all input or feedback is negative. Folks need to hear positive feedback as well. We cannot say “thank you “enough to all of the work that so many of you do to ensure that WUUC remains a vibrant community.

May we continue to build a community of service, gratitude, and connection,

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,


Rev. Lo