By John Hartman
A synopsis of the recommendations made by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac in “The Future We Choose.”

What You Can Do Now

Here is a summary of the recommendations for a personal action plan for surviving the climate crisis.

Right Now

  • Take a deep breath and decide that you will be a hopeful visionary for humanity through these dark days.
  • Decide you will vote for, campaign for and support candidates who champion emissions reductions.
  • Commit to reducing your impact on the climate by more than half of what it is today by 2030.

Today or Tomorrow

  • Determine where your principal elected officials stand on the climate.  Tell them you are watching.
  • Choose at least one day a week to go meat free.
  • Think big.  How do you most impact climate change?  What big things can you do?
  • Tell others about your commitments in person or on social media.

This Week

  • Share your personal plan to reduce emissions by more than half with your partner, kids and friends.
  • Take some actions and stick with them over time.  Bike instead of driving.  Switch your energy supply to 100% clean.
  • Go outside and look around.  This world is damaged and hurting but it is also beautiful and intact and whole.  Pay attention!

This Month

  • Challenge your consumerism.  Look at what you have bought and ask yourself whether it brings you joy.
  • Understand your privilege in relation to others and commit to helping to level the playing field for all.
  • Be political in your daily life.  Engage regularly in direct action if that is possible where you live.