Dear WUUC Community,

We were hoping for a better 2021 when the year kicked off, but it’s been a rough start.

The insurrection at the United States Capitol was a scary thing to watch. And despite two vaccines, the COVID19 virus is adapting and spreading even more quickly than when it first arrived in the country; and after months of “pandemic fatigue,” it is even harder for many folks to double down and stay apart, even though that’s exactly what this moment calls for. We hit the 400,000 mark for COVID deaths, and projections show us hitting 500,00 deaths in a month. When numbers get this high, they become statistics, and it becomes hard to even imagine tragedy on such a broad scale. There is so much suffering, so much loss. And sadly, I sense that many of us are beginning to feel a numbness in response because continuing to express our true grief for such a prolonged period feels impossible.

Despite of all of this, we go on. We try to live our lives. Hold regular church services. Check in with each other by phone, email, and Zoom. Go for socially-distanced walks. Work. Eat. Play, however we can.

This moment has me reflecting on why we are a church. What are we here to do together? What are we supposed to be doing, for each other, and for those beyond our church community? How much of that can we continue to do during this pandemic, and how much has to wait?


How much of what we are going through now will we carry with us when the pandemic ends? What are we learning about ourselves and our community? About resiliency? About spiritual and emotional sustenance? About our need for each other?

Lots of questions. The answers are coming more slowly. But this I know: we are figuring it out together. Even in our loneliness, we are not truly alone.

I invite you to take some time to reflect, and not just on my questions, but your own. What questions are coming up for you? Where do your thoughts go when you pause and sit for a few moments? It may be that, like me, you have more questions than answers. And that’s okay; that’s where we are right now. So bring your questions, your answers, and your whole self. Our community needs you more than ever, just as you are, right now.

Peace and Blessings,