In mini-worship this month, we have been talking with the children about their unique and special talents.  We all have things that only we can contribute to the world.  We can use these gifts and talents to improve our own lives, the lives of our families, friends, and the larger world. 

Sometimes it is as simple as sharing a smile or a kind word. Sometimes it is something requiring specialized education, complex reasoning skills, or artistic talent. Whatever your talents, skills, and gifts, you have something special and unique that only you can put into the world.

During our worship service on Jan. 24, we co-created a word cloud with examples of what we are inspired to put into the world.  If you were not able to participate in making the word cloud, I hope you can use it as inspiration for some of your own ideas.  If you were able to participate, I hope this serves as a reminder of your inspiration.  

Never forget that you are special.  There is love and magic and beauty that only you possess. I encourage you to regularly spend time sharing your unique and special gifts to bless the world.  

“All of us need all of us to make it.” – Rev. Theresa I. Soto

Peace and Laughter,