As we get closer to reopening church, it is tempting to try to rush back into the building and try to “get back to normal.”  We miss each other and need connection.  AND as a faith community that strives to live into shared values, the decisions of how and when to reopen, and in what capacities is not as simple as it is for businesses.

CB Beal, a consultant on welcoming and inclusion, wrote an amazing blog post on the subject from a Unitarian Universalist perspective. It is long, but I think it is very much worth the read. For those of us not involved in the decision-making process, it highlights things that the reopening committee is considering and gives us a perspective as to why this process is not as simple as it may seem from the outside.

The link to CB’s post can be found here: “Thoughts About Inclusion Before Reopening: So Close We Can Taste It”

Please be patient for a little while longer.  We will soon be together again.  We just need make sure that we are all safe and included when we are.

Love and Laughter,