Here we are in August. A new school year starts soon, so it’s time to restart our Totes to Go program!  For those who are new to “Totes”, it’s a way for us to support elementary school students who are likely to be food insecure on weekends, when school meals aren’t available.  We serve students at Maywood Hills Elementary in Bothell.  The school identifies students who need support and then packs a backpack with food items that the child takes home after school on Fridays. We provide the supplies to fill the backpacks.  We serve 15 kids. 

We took all our supplies to the school in late May, so we’re starting “from scratch.”  Some of our donors like to supply all we need of one item, others pick up a few things here and there. Occasionally, we’ve had someone offer to supply a particular item each month. Contributions should be left in the baskets across from the kitchen. Large or small, every donation helps! We need to have a full quota by the last Sunday of the month so we can deliver in the following day or so. This month, that’s Sunday, August 28th.Please know that some of the children are small, so heavier items, like large cans of stew or chili, may prove quite a load for them.  

Here’s the list of things we need each month: Shelf-stable milk – 60 boxes, cold cereal – 30 boxes, hot cereal – 30 packets, peanut butter – 15 jars, canned meat – 15, canned fish – 15, snacks – 60 items, fruit cups – 60, juice boxes – 60, crackers – 30 sleeves, one-dish meals – 60, granola bars – 60. 

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in this effort – or who will as we start the new school year!  If you have questions or concerns, contact Grace Simons or John Hartman, co-coordinators.