November 2022

Thank you to the 34 people who voted for their favorite organizations for ASJ’s monthly Special Collections! Votes have been tallied and below is a list of the ten organizations receiving WUUC’s special collections over the next year. A couple spots are always left open to respond to unexpected events that lead to efforts we feel called to support.

            On November 20th our Special Collection will go to the organization that received the most votes – Northwest Abortion Access Fund – which serves Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska with trained, compassionate volunteer advocates running a toll-free hotline, help with paying for their abortion care, and help with transportation and housing for the procedure.

            In September we collected $1,032 to support WUUC’s Black Student and Family Fund (BSAFF). This money, along with WUUC volunteers, assists families of students in the Northshore School District (especially those living at Greenleaf, a subsidized housing community) with a variety of needs – from essentials like food, shelter, and monthly bills, to community organizing, leadership development, and support for future dreams including college and career development. Your contributions fund programs and services with the goal of providing a safe environment for students to explore and express their identity as they navigate the racial constructs of their world.

The ASJ Committee thanks WUUC members and friends for their generous support of our monthly special collections, which take place during services on the third Sunday of every month. Instructions for giving are posted during the service, and you can also donate anytime the following week at, or by sending a check to WUUC at P.O. Box 111, Woodinville, WA 98072. Please make checks out to WUUC and write “ASJ Special Collection” in the notes.

Special Collection Recipients, Nov. 2022 – October 2023 (In order of number of votes)

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Black Students and Families Fund (BSAFF)

Arms Around You

Na-ah Illahee Fund

Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Eastside (NAMI)

Camp Ten Trees

Farmer Frog

Lambert House

Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank