After the worship service on June 18th, we are having our Annual Congregational Meeting, where we will vote on the proposed 2023-24 budget and for the candidates for the elected positions on the Board of Trustees, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee. The members of the Nominating Committee are grateful the following members have agreed to serve on the following committees.  We propose the following slate of candidates: 

Board of Trustees Candidates

Azure “Blue” Forte

Nominated for Board, 3-year position

In 1977 Azure and her two young children found a spiritual home when first attending the UU Society of Amherst, MA.  Many years that followed included serving as Facilitator of the Young Adult Group; Ministerial Search Committee member; Choir member; Minister’s Support Committee member and participant in the Earth-based Pagan Group.  In connection to her professional work in Sociometry (the study of interpersonal relations) Azure gave sermons entitled, “A Microcosm of Peace,” and “What is Magic? Does it Really Exist?”  With the collective talents of the high school youth group she organized, produced and directed a live production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  The nearby UU Rowe Camp and Conference Center included Azure’s leadership as a Certified Practitioner of Sociometry, Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy for several week-long retreats.  

2017 marks her geographic move from Amherst, MA to Woodinville, WA.  The WUUC Choir became her first step, guided by WUUC’s unique Kimbrough Café, Auction, Rummage Sale and all the welcoming amazement.  But WUUC’s work, to achieve Inclusion in both community and the wider world, touches the depth of Azure’s heartfelt study and purpose, “I am most honored to be nominated for a Board position.  I want to engage in shared learning, creative ongoing discovery in the work of healthy community, and healthy inclusion of all individuals.”  In 1977, the year Azure first attended a UU church, she also began employment in a small school for children suffering emotional distress.  Her co-workers nick-named her Blue.  A feeling of connection comes with the nickname, much appreciated by Blue.

Trina Roulet

Nominated for Board, 3-year position

“I moved into the area in 2008 and started attending WUUC that fall.  My volunteer service with WUUC began with the kitchen Sunday coffee prep, after a few years I then joined the finance committee first as a general member and then co-chair and finally chair.  I’ve also been involved with the BAG garden zones, adopting a zone.  I still continue to garden in my zone and enjoy spending outdoor time at church.  I am looking forward to continuing to volunteer and welcome the opportunity to join the Board.”

Kermit Sprang

Nominated for Board, 3-year position (second term)

Kermit has been a member of WUUC since 2017. Current church involvement: Board of Trustees (Treasurer); Building & Grounds Committee (co-chairman); Finance Committee; Tech Team (video); Choir.

Jeff Anderson

Nominated for Board, 1-year position

Jeff is a 62 year old fresh retiree who lives in Marysville and has lived in Snohomish County for 30 years with his wife Kim. He previously worked in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) as a “Digital Office Geographer” for Snohomish County, Sound Transit, and Community Transit. For the last five years he traversed the country commercially driving 18-wheeler semi-trucks as what he calls a “Mobile Transportation Geographer”. He’s been a UU in some form for about 20 years. He enjoys scuba diving and traveling and taking care of his home with his wife and their schipperke dog Cerci. Together, Kim and he have 4 grown children (a daughter, son, foster daughter, and Godson) that they stay connected to in the best way that they can.

Endowment Candidates

Carol Taylor

Nominated for Endowment Committee, 3-year position

Carol Taylor has been an active member at WUUC for 25 years. She has served as a nursery volunteer, RE teacher, RE committee member and chair, Board member and Secretary, Nominating committee member and chair, Stewardship committee member and chair, Social Justice team member, leader of workshops and discussion groups, and Designer/Builder of several versions of web site and newsletter. She brings management skills from a professional career in technology development, and fundraising experience from her work on previous pledge drives. “I believe it is important to have a continued progressive presence in our local community. I hope that WUUC can continue to be that place for as many people as possible for many years to come.”

Stephana Ditzler

Nominated for Endowment Committee, 3-year position

“I am Stephana Ditzler and am a charter member of WUUC.  I have enjoyed many roles over the years. I joined the first choir our church had and am still a member.  Other roles have included board president, membership committee chair,  volunteer office administrator, and Golden Girls coordinator. Because I strongly believe in our church and what it stands for, I’m very happy to have been nominated for a position on the endowment committee and look forward to serving.”

Johnna Ebanks

Nominated for Endowment Committee, 1-year position

Johnna is a long time member of WUUC and beloved by all.  Our committee failed to nab her bio in time for the newsletter.

Nominating Committee Candidates

Charlotte Benson

Nominated for Nominating Committee, 3-year position

Charlotte has been a member of WUUC for ten years.  She steps up and helps where she is needed.  She helps in the kitchen, with BAG, the auction and the rummage sale.  The Nominating Committee is excited to have her join as Charlotte’s long time service in the kitchen means she knows everyone. 😀